Fall 2017 TA Writing Intensive Workshop

Thursday, August 17, 2017

8:30am - 3:00pm

215 Tate Hall


Writing Intensive courses make special demands upon faculty and graduate teaching assistants.  This workshop is designed to help both WI faculty and their TAs prepare to work together in the WI classroom.  Sessions are most beneficial when faculty and TAs attend as teams.  

Sessions Include:
•Strategies for establishing grading criteria, balancing content and mechanics, evaluating writing, conferencing with students
•Ideas on defining mutually beneficial Faculty/TA working relationships
•Resource materials for WI TAs
•Interaction with TAs from a variety of disciplines
•Exercises that help faculty/TA teams establish and apply grading criteria

Some comments from past participants. . .
Provides thought-provoking scenarios for the first-time TA * I now have opinions and perspectives from peers that I can also take into consideration * the day just flew by – wonderful * keep giving these groovy workshops!  * I liked the practical information and the reassurance that we are all in the same boat  * all of it was useful in some ways  * I liked the booklet’s examples that we can take with us  * it is comforting to learn that not every person agrees on the “right” way to teach or the “right” way to grade