Whether used in or out of class, there are a number of online platforms where writers can exchange work and comment.

  • Wikis. Wikis are online, open editing writing spaces that track every change made. Revisions can be studied, therefore, and writers can engage with each other’s work easily. Comments can be made on each other’s writing or by using the discussion tab.
  • Google Docs. Google Docs, Google’s Word Processing program, is also an online, open editing space. Permissions must be granted to users if they are to collaborate on a document. Documents can also be uploaded and shared by the instructor.
  • Weblogs. An instructor can setup a course weblog and make the students members of the weblog. Students can post excerpts or entire pieces of writing and leave each other comments.
  • A social networking space. Instructors can setup social networking spaces like Ning or Yuku and ask students to post and comment on each other’s work.