Fall 2006 Courses

Agricultural Economics 2183 Agricultural Marketing Systems Parcell
Agricultural Economics 3224 New Products Marketing Boessen
Agricultural Economics 4971 Agri-Food Business Management Strategy Sykuta
Agricultural Journalism 3210 Fundamentals of Communication Allen
Agricultural Systems Management 4970 Agricultural Systems Management Borgelt
Animal Sciences 4976 Dairy Production and Management Garverick, et al.
Animal Sciences 4978 Swine Production Safranski
Anthropology 4990 Seminar in Anthropology Pearsall
Architectural Studies 3600 Environmental Analysis Schwarz
Art 1020 Appreciation of Art Kreps
Art 4975 Senior Seminar in Art Langeneckert
Art History & Archaeology 2830 Introduction to American Art & Architecture Schwain
Art History & Archaeology 4005 The Mediterranean World 300-13 BC Slane
Biochemistry 4974 Biochemistry Laboratory Peterson
Biochemistry 4974 Biochemistry Laboratory Thelen
Biological Engineering 3170 Biomaterials Grant
Biological Engineering 4980 Agricultural Engineering Design Borgelt
Biological Sciences 3260 Invertebrate Zoology Summers
Biological Sciences 3650 General Ecology Eggert
Biological Sciences 4994 Section 3 Senior Seminar: Biology of Third World Diseases Smith
Black Studies/English 3400 Survey of African American Literature Langley
Cardiopulmonary & Diagnostic Sci. 4480 Ethics for the Clinician Strickland
Cardiopulmonary & Diagnostic Sci. 4955 Introduction to Research Heggie
Chemical Engineering 4220 Hazardous Waste Management Marrero
Chemical Engineering 4980 Process Synthesis and Design Suppes
Civil Engineering 3010 Civil Engineering Design II Bowders
Classical Humanities 3250 & 3250 GH Greek and Roman Epic Marks
Clinical Lab Sciences 4420 (U. Neb) Clinical Immunology & Molecular Diag. Latshaw
Communication 3100 Controversies in Communication Hess
Communication Science Disorders 4020 Language Disorders in Children Wagovich
Computer Science 3310 Systems Analysis and Design Price
Computer Science 4970 Capstone Design I Palanappian
Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound 4085 Problems in DMU Hdeib
Economics 4311 Labor Economics Ryan
Economics 4315 Public Economics Milyo
Ed. Sch. & Couns. Psych 4087 Seminar: College of Ed. Scholars Whitney
Electrical Engineering 4970 Senior Capstone Design I Devaney
English 2000 The Romance of King Arthur Lipton
English 2100H Writing About Literature: Other Worlds Watson
English/Black Studies 3400 Survey of African American Literature Langley
English 4970, sec 1 Late, Great Jane Austen Looser
English 4970, sec 2 Writing & The American Civil War Mack
English 4970, sec 3 Frontier & Border in 20th Cent US Lit Evelev
Environmental Studies 2110 Analysis of Environmental Issues Weaver
Fisheries & Wildlife 4400 Techniques for Fisheries Management & Conservation Noltie
Fisheries & Wildlife 4600 Wildlife Conservation Ahlering
Fisheries & Wildlife 4700 Wildlife Research and Management Techniques Millspaugh
Forestry 4320 Forest Ecology Muzika
French 3420 Introduction to Literary Analysis Muratore
Gen St/Interdisc St 4960 Readings Porter
Geological Sciences 4650 Plate Tectonics Liu
German 2310 German Civilization I: The Beginning to 1850 Cook
Health Professions 2960 Special Readings: Service Learning Ingram
History 2440 History of Missouri Flader
History 3200 Black History Movement Anderson
History 4971, section 1 European Seminar: The British Empire Koditschek
History 4971, section 2 European Seminar: Russian Political Thought Brancovan
History 4972, section 1 U.S. Seminar: American Environmental History Flader
History 4972, section 2 U.S. Seminar: U.S. History 1800-1860 King
History 4972, section 3 U.S. Seminar: The Presidency of Lyndon Johnson Bullion
Honors 1070H Internship in the Writing Lab Hocks
Honors 1080H-2021H Honors College Community Involvement Program (& Civic Leadership) Foley
Honors 2230H, sec 2 Vietnam, Iraq & America’s Global Power Rogers
Hotel and Restaurant Mgt 3253 Human Resources Management Hosmer
Hotel and Restaurant Mgt 4970 Case Studies and Research in Hotel and Restaurant Mgt Groves
Human Development & Family Studies 2400 Principles of Human Development Lambert
Human Development & Family Studies 2420 Early and Middle Childhood Ravert
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems 4970 Capstone Design 1 Wu
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems 4980 Capstone Design 2 Klein
Italian 2310 Italian Civilization Lazzaro-Weis
Interdisc St/Gen St 4960 Readings Porter
Journalism 2100 News Brooks
Journalism 4308 Broadcast News III Woelfel
Journalism 4556 Fundamentals of Photojournalism Rees
Journalism 4970 , sec 2 Strategic Campaigns Wise
Journalism 4970, sec 3 Strategic Campaigns Powell
Journalism 4990 Journalism and Democracy Steffens
Journalism 4992 Reporting, Editing & Marketing of Converged Media McKean
Mathematics 4720 Abstract Algebra Cutkosky
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 3200 (both sections) Engineering Materials Li / Khanna / Winholtz
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 4220 Materials Science for Advanced Applications Winholtz
Music 3573 Piano Literature I Wenger
Music 4312 Historical STudy of Choral Music Mabary
Nuclear Engineering 4331 Nonproliferation issues for Weapons of Mass Destruction Prelas
Nursing 4200–WI section for transfer students only Nursing Ethics and Law Evans
Nursing 4970 Nursing in Communities Burks
Nutritional Sciences 4340 Human Nutrition II Hinton
Occupational Therapy 4590 Disability in Context Borcherding
Occupational Therapy 4950 Research Methods Baldwin
Parks, Recreation, & Tourism 3230 Introduction to Parks and Outdoor Recreation Services Morgan
Peace Studies 1050 Introduction to Peace Studies Wark
Peace Studies/Rural Sociology 1150 The Amish Community Hartman
Personal Financial Planning 4380 Assessing the Family Dream Sharpe
Philosophy 2200 Philosophy & Intellectual Revolution Sievert
Philosophy/WGST 2500 Philosophy and Gender Horisk
Philosophy 3000 Ancient Western Philosophy Foley
Philosophy 4220H Philosophy of Religion Sievert
Physical Therapy 4510 Evidence-Based Practice Minor
Physics 1150 Concepts in Physics Taub
Plant Science 3230 Plant Propagation Gowdy
Political Science 3000 Introduction to Political Research Endersby
Political Science 4120 Politics and the Media Horner
Psychology 3010 (check for WI section, #1) Research Methods 1 Hume
Psychology 3110 Theories of Learning Schachtman
Psychology 4830 Psychology of Women Martinez
Religious Studies 4100 Modern Perspectives Callahan
Respiratory Therapy 4460 Clinical Respiratory Therapy I Strickland
Rural Sociology/Sociology 1120 Population and Ecology Campbell
Rural Sociology/Peace Studies 1150 The Amish Community Hartman
Russian 2310 Between Heaven and Earth: Russian Civilization to 1900 Zarankin
Russian 3310 Heroes in Their Times Monnier
Social Work 2220 Human Behavior and the Environment Dannerbeck
Social Work 4455 Latino/a Immigrants and Receiving Communities Davenport
Rural Sociology/Sociology 1120 Population and Ecology Campbell
Sociology 1120 Population and Ecology Rikoon
Sociology 3010 Social Problems Lo
Sociology 3400 Politics of the Media Johnson
Sociology 3450 Sociology of Religion Neitz
Sociology 4970 Senior Seminar Brunsma
SEAS Soil Science 3290 Soils and the Environment Motavalli
Spanish 3420, section 2 Introduction to Hispanic Literature I Mullen
Spanish 3420, section 4 Introduction to Hispanic Literature 1 Barriuso
Spanish 4470 Survey of Spanish American Literature 1 Olsen
Teacher Development Program 4140 Early Childhood Seminar III Knipping
Teacher Development Program 4241 Inquiry into Literacy Application Kingsley/Robinson
Teacher Development Program 4340 Teaching of Science in the Middle Schools Volkmann
Teacher Development Program 4410 Teaching, Engaging, and Assessing Middle School Students Gilles
Teacher Development Program 4550 Secondary Social Studies III: Assessment in Social Studies Almarza
Teacher Development Program 4590 Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools Tarr
Teacher Development Program 4630 Teaching of Science in Secondary Schools I Volkmann
Teacher Development Program 4690 Teaching of Music 3 Bergee
Textile and Apparel Management 2500 Social Appearance in Time and Space Wilson
Textile and Apparel Management 4500 History of Textile Manufacturing and Trade Wilson
Theatre 3600 Theatrical Directing Burgoyne
WGST/Philosophy 2500 Philosophy and Gender Horisk