Fall 2012 Courses

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Name Title Instructor
Agricultural Economics 3224 New Products Marketing Boessen
Agricultural Economics 4971 Agribusiness Management Strategy Sykuta
Agricultural Economics 2183 Agricultural Marketing Systems Parcell
Agricultural Systems Management 4970 Mechanization System Management Schumacher
Animal Sciences AS 4973 39659; section 01 Molecular and Cellular Techniques in Animal Science Green
Animal Sciences 4978 1C,1D Swine Production Safranski
Animal Sciences 4976 01C and 01D Dairy Production Waldron
Anthropology 3560 Plagues and Peoples Sattenspiel
Anthropology 4990 Capstone Seminar in Anthropology Flinn
Architectural Studies 3600 Environmental Analysis Schwarz
Art History And Archaeology 2830 American Art and Architecture Eggener
Art-General 1020 Art Appreciation Kreps
Art-General 4976 Design Senior Seminar Huelsbergen
Atmospheric Sciences 4350 01 Mesoscale Meteorology and Dynamics Market
Biochemistry 4974 Biochemistry Laboratory Pennella
Biological Engineering 3170 Biomaterials Grant
Biological Engineering 4980 Biological Engineering Design Borgelt
Biological Sciences 4982 Human Inherited Diseases Bryda
Biological Sciences 3650 13259, 13260, 13261 General Ecology Faaborg
Biological Sciences 3260 Invertebrate Zoology Summers
Black Studies 3400 Survey of African American Literature to 1900 Langley
Black Studies 3003 Black mayors and the challenge of managing local government Sampson
Cardiopulmonary and Diagnostic Sciences 4480 Ethics for the Clinician Strickland
Cardiopulmonary and Diagnostic Sciences 4985 Healthcare Organization and Leadership Allen
Cardiopulmonary and Diagnostic Sciences 4955 Introduction to Research Heggie
Chemical Engineering 4980 Process Synthesis and Design Suppes
Chemical Engineering 2226 Computer-Aided Calculations in Chemical Engineering Suppes
Chemical Engineering 3243 Chemical Engineering Laboratory Baker
Civil & Environmental Engineering 4980 Civil Engineering Systems Design Masters
Civil & Environmental Engineering 3010 Decision Methods in Civil Engineering Design Bowders
Classical Humanities 3005 ST:The Ancient World in the Cinema Crozier
Classics 3100 1 Age of Pericles Schenker
Clinical Laboratory Sciences 4420 Clinical Immunology and Molecular Diagnostics Latshaw
Communication 3050 Survey of Communication Studies Houston
Communication Science And Disorders 4020 Language Disorders in Children Wagovich
Computer Science 4320 Software Engineering I Price
Economics 4315 1 Public Economics Aura
Economics 4311 1 Labor Economics Koedel
Educational Leadership And Policy Analysis 4960 General Studies Prettyman-Gage
Electrical And Computer Engineering 4970 Senior Capstone Design Fischer
English 2015H Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing Harper
English 4040 Studies in Writing: The Spiritual Journey Cairns
English 4970 03 Capstone Experience Materer
English 2000 3 Studies in English: Deep Time in Literature and Science Heringman
English 4970 02 Capstone experience: American Madness Evelev
English 4996 3 Honors Seminar in English Melnyk
English 4996 02 Senior Honors Seminar Dickey
English 4970 01 Capstone Piper
English 4181 Themes in Literature by Women Course Piper
Fisheries And Wildlife 4600 Ecosystem Management Kesler
Fisheries And Wildlife 4400 Techniques for Fisheries Management and Conservation Noltie
Food Science 4970 Food Product Development Clarke
Forestry 4320 Forest Ecology Muzika
French 4130 1 Stylistics Zephir
Geography 3560 Native American Geographies Palmer
Geological Sciences 4650 Plate Tectonics Liu
German 4820 1 Web Blogging in Cultural Context Fischer
German 2320 German and Civilization II: 1850-Present Bismark
German 2310 German Civilization: From the Beginnings to 1850 Cook
Health Professions 3900 Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Teti
Health Professions 3300 Public Health Principles and Practice Cheak-zamora
Health Professions 3900 Introduction to the Research Process and Evidence Base Thullen
History 4971 2 Making France Modern Karthas
History 2520 Europe in the Nineteenth Century Sperber
History 4670 Modern Germany, 1750-1918 Sperber
History 4972 American history from 1800 to 1860 King
History 4971 01 Martin Luther: Preaching and Society in Early Modern Germany Frymire
Honors College 2021/2021H MU Community Engagement Foley
Hospitality Management 4253 Hospitality Human Resources Bellemare
Hospitality Management 4980 Special Events Management Bellemare
Hotel And Restaurant Management 4343 International Hotel Management Cho
Hotel And Restaurant Management 4994 Lodging Management Leadership Groves
Human Development And Family Studies 3420 Early and Middle Childhood Ravert
Human Development And Family Studies 2400 Principles of Human Development Lester
Human Development And Family Studies 4942 FCS Education Student Teaching Internship Shahan
Human Development And Family Studies 2400 Principles of Human Development Galovan
Human Development And Family Studies 2400 1 & 2 Principles of Human Development Reeser
Human Development And Family Studies 3420 Early and Middle Childhood Ispa
Human Development And Family Studies 2400 Principles of Human Development Calix
Human Development And Family Studies 4970 Families and Lifespan Development Cooney
Industrial And Manufacturing Systems 3810 1 Ergonomics and Workstation Design Steege
Industrial And Manufacturing Systems 4980 01 Capstone Design II Klein
Industrial And Manufacturing Systems 4970 Capstone Design 1 Noble
Interdisciplinary Studies 4970 Special Degree Programs: Service-Learning Project Foley
Journalism 4410 intermediate writing Hinnant
Journalism 4990 Journalism & Democracy Banaszynski
Journalism 4992 Reporting, Editing & Marketing Converged Media Course Mckean
Journalism 4970 Strategic Campaigns Padgett
Journalism 4308 1 Broadcast News 3 Woelfel
Journalism 4410 Intermediate Writing Moen
Journalism 4986 Advanced Writing Blakely
Journalism J4410 Intermediate Writing Grinfeld
Journalism 4410 Intermediate Writing Blakely
Journalism J4410 4 Intermediate Writing Fennell
Journalism 4410 Intermediate Writing Hudson
Journalism J2100 News Speckman
Journalism 4410 02 Intermediate Writing Heiss
Journalism 4556 Fundamentals of Photojournalism Rees
Learning, Teaching and Curriculum 4590 Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools: Geometry Tarr
Learning, Teaching and Curriculum 4241 Inquiry into Literacy Applications Kingsley
Learning, Teaching and Curriculum 4241 Inquiry Into Literacy Applications Robinson
Learning, Teaching and Curriculum 4550 Secondary Social Studies III Castro
Learning, Teaching and Curriculum 4340 1 Middle School Science I Klosterman
Learning, Teaching and Curriculum 4340 02 Middle School Science 1 Murakami
Management 3200 Business and Society Crews
Mathematics 3000 Introduction to Advanced Mathematics Segert
Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering 3200 Engineering Materials Winholtz
Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering 4230 Nanomaterials Li
Medical Pharmacology And Physiology 4085 Problems in Medical Pharmacology and Physiology James-kracke
Music-General 4690 2 Teaching Music III Major
Music-Music History And Literature 4350 01 Introduction to Ethnomusicology Shonkan
Music-Music History And Literature 4315 01 Historical Studies in Chamber Music Mabary
Music-Music History And Literature 4317 01 Historical Studies in Jazz and Popular Music Budds
Nuclear Medicine 4268 Clinical Nuclear Medicine II Heggie
Nursing 4950 1 Nursing Theory and Research Bader
Nursing 4970 Nursing in Communities Fete
Nursing 4950 Nursing Theory and Research Bader
Nutritional Sciences 3085 Problems in Nutritional Sciences Kanaley
Occupational Therapy 4970 Research Methods Hebert
Parks, Recreation And Tourism 3210 Personnel Management and Leadership in Leisure Services Upah
Parks, Recreation And Tourism 3230 Intro. Parks & Outdoor Recreation Services Morgan
Parks, Recreation And Tourism 3120 02 Personnel Management and Leadership in Leisure Services Barr
Peace Studies 1050 Introduction to Peace Studies Hern
Peace Studies 1050 Introduction to Peace Studies Barnard
Personal Financial Planning 4380 Assessing the American Dream Sharpe
Philosophy 2410 1 Philosophies of War and Peace Kultgen
Physics 3150 1 Introduction to Modern Physics Bompadre
Physics 4080 Major Themes in Classical Physics Taub
Plant Science 3230 01A,01B,01C Plant Propagation Gowdy
Political Science 4120 Politics and the Media Horner
Political Science 4120 Politics and the Media Horner
Political Science 3000 Intro to Political Research Endersby
Political Science 4210 The Constitution and Civil Rights Dyer
Psychological Sciences 3430 Social Development in Childhood Campione-barr
Psychological Sciences 4981 Advanced Developmental Psychology Capstone: I Rose
Psychological Sciences 4980 Human Relationships Capstone Cooper
Psychological Sciences 4975 Social/Personality Capstone Ludlam
Psychological Sciences 4978 Clinical Psychology Capstone Carlo
Psychological Sciences 3110 Theories of Learning Schachtman
Religious Studies 4100 1 Advanced Theories and Methods Gregory
Religious Studies 3451 Religion in Science Fiction Kelley
Russian 2310 Russian Civilization I: Between Heaven and Earth Langen
Russian 2310 Russian Civilization I Kelly
Science and Agricultural Journalism 3210 Fundamental of Communications Sowers
Science and Agricultural Journalism 4301 Wine Country Writing Furstenau
Science and Agricultural Journalism 4480 Will Write for Food (and Wine). Furstenau
Social Work 2000 Exploration in Social and Economic Justice Peters
Social Work 2220 1 Human Behavior and the Social Environment Woods
Social Work 2220 1 Human Behavior in the Social Environment Kiesling-Caver
Sociology 3400 Politics of the Media Johnson
Sociology 3310 Social Psychology Brent
Sociology 3400 Politics of the Media Johnson
Sociology 4970 Senior Seminar Bjornstrom
Soil Science 3290 01 Soils and the Environment Motavalli
Spanish 3420 1 Intro to Hispanic Lit I Ugarte
Spanish 2330 01 Latin American Civilization Aviles-quinones
Spanish 3420 5 Introduction to Hispanic Literature I Reyna
Spanish 4722 : Spanish across Continents Alcázar
Spanish 3430 4 Introduction to Hispanic Literature II Badiane
Spanish 3430 Intro. to Hispanic Literature: Drama and Poetry Presberg
Spanish 3420 Intro to Hispanic Lit I Ugarte
Spanish 4960 1 Special Readings in Spanish 1 student course
Teacher Development Program 4690 Teaching Music 3 Silvey
Teacher Development Program 4140 Early Childhood Seminar II Knipping
Textile And Apparel Management 2500 A Social Appearance in Time and Space Hawley