Spring 2018 WI Courses

This list is provided as a convenience only, and it may not accurately reflect departmental changes made after a proposal was submitted. Instructors/chairs can always see up-to-date information regarding a particular course by searching for the instructor's name between asterisks (e.g., *smith*) in our database: https://nextcatalog.missouri.edu/termadmin/

Pending: Any courses currently in the process of being approved. CWP works with faculty to ensure courses meeting the guidlines.

Approved: This course has been approved by the Campus Writing Board for this semester.

Updated September 19, 2017

Department Code Title General Education Instructor Semester Expected WI enrollment (wicourse_proj_enroll) Status
AG_EC AG_EC 2070W mccannl AG_EC 2070W mccannl: Environmental Economics and Policy - Writing Intensive SSCI McCann Spring 2018 50 Pending
AG_EC AG_EC 3224W palaciosriveraj AG_EC 3224W palaciosriveraj: New Products Marketing - Writing Intensive   Palacios Rivera Spring 2018 100 Pending
AG_EC AG_EC 3241W jamesha AG_EC 3241W jamesha: Ethical Issues in Agriculture HUM James Spring 2018 50 Pending
AG_EC AG_EC 4990W sykutam AG_EC 4990W sykutam: Economic Analysis of Policy and Regulation   Sykuta Spring 2018 15 Pending
AG_ED_LD AG_ED_LD 2260W cletzerd AG_ED_LD 2260W cletzerd: Team and Organizational Leadership SSCI Cletzer Spring 2018 90 Pending
AN_SCI AN_SCI 2111W spainj AN_SCI 2111W spainj: Sophomore Seminar: Societal Issues Facing Animal Agriculture - Writing Intensive BISC Spain Spring 2018 125 Pending
AN_SCI AN_SCI 4979W firmanj AN_SCI 4979W firmanj: Poultry Production Writing Intensive   Firman Spring 2018 40 Pending
ANTHRO ANTHRO 1500W flinnm ANTHRO 1500W flinnm: Monkeys, Apes and Humans - Writing Intensive BSCI Flinn Spring 2018 60 Pending
ANTHRO ANTHRO 4990W panchanathank ANTHRO 4990W panchanathank: Capstone Seminar in Anthropology - Writing Intensive   Panchanathan Spring 2018 15 Pending
AR_H_A AR_H_A 1120W yonanm AR_H_A 1120W yonanm: Renaissance through Modern Art - Writing Intensive HUM Yonan Spring 2018 50 Pending
AR_H_A AR_H_A 2850W schwaink AR_H_A 2850W schwaink: Introduction to Visual Culture - Writing Intensive HUM Schwain Spring 2018 104 Pending
AR_H_A AR_H_A 3630W stantona AR_H_A 3630W stantona: Northern Renaissance Art HUM Stanton Spring 2018 30 Pending
ARCHST ARCHST 1600W schwarzb ARCHST 1600W schwarzb: Fundamentals of Environmental Design - Writing Intensive HUM Schwarz Spring 2018 190 Pending
ART_GNRL ART_GNRL 1020W krepsp ART_GNRL 1020W krepsp: Appreciation of Art - Writing Intensive HUM Kreps Spring 2018 140 Pending
ART_GNRL ART_GNRL 4975W armbrustc ART_GNRL 4975W armbrustc: Senior Seminar in Art - Writing Intensive   Armbrust Spring 2018 30 Pending
ATM_SC ATM_SC 4720W marketp ATM_SC 4720W marketp: Synoptic Meteorology II - Writing Intensive   Market Spring 2018 22 Pending
BIO_SC BIO_SC 2300HW phillipst BIO_SC 2300HW phillipst: Introduction to Cell Biology - Honors/Writing Intensive   Phillips Spring 2018 25 approved
BIO_SC BIO_SC 3050W golombm BIO_SC 3050W golombm: Genetics and Society - Writing Intensive   Golomb Spring 2018 60 Pending
BIO_SC BIO_SC 3210W piresjc BIO_SC 3210W piresjc: Plant Systematics   Pires Spring 2018 30 Pending
BIO_SC BIO_SC 3260W summersg BIO_SC 3260W summersg: Invertebrate Zoology - Writing Intensive   Summers Spring 2018 60 approved
BIO_SC BIO_SC 4972W liscume BIO_SC 4972W liscume: Developmental Biology   Liscum Spring 2018 25 Pending
BIO_SC BIO_SC 4994HW phillipst BIO_SC 4994HW phillipst: Senior Seminar - Honors/Writing Intensive   Phillips Spring 2018 6 approved
BIOCHM BIOCHM 4974W kooje BIOCHM 4974W kooje: Biochemistry Laboratory - Writing Intensive   Koo Spring 2018 14 Pending
BIOCHM BIOCHM 4974W leecb BIOCHM 4974W leecb: Biochemistry Laboratory - Writing Intensive   Lee Spring 2018 16 approved
BIOCHM BIOCHM 4974W palmierm BIOCHM 4974W palmierm: Biochemistry Laboratory - Writing Intensive   Palmier Spring 2018 25 approved
BIOCHM BIOCHM 4974W zhangsh BIOCHM 4974W zhangsh: Biochemistry Laboratory - Writing Intensive   Zhang Spring 2018 14 Pending
C_S_D C_S_D 3020W kelleyej C_S_D 3020W kelleyej: Normal Language Development - Writing Intensive BSCI Kelley Spring 2018 50 Pending
CDS CDS 3460W allencar CDS 3460W allencar: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diagnostic Applications I - Writing Intensive   Allen Spring 2018 19 Pending
CHEM CHEM 3700W glaserr CHEM 3700W glaserr: Undergraduate Seminar in Chemistry - Writing Intensive   Glaser Spring 2018 34 Pending
CL_HUM CL_HUM 1060HW yonas CL_HUM 1060HW yonas: Classical Mythology - Honors/Writing Intensive HUM Yona Spring 2018 155 Pending
CL_HUM CL_HUM 3775W crozierj CL_HUM 3775W crozierj: The Ancient World on Film - Writing Intensive HUM Crozier Spring 2018 30 Pending
CL_L_S CL_L_S 4980W latshaws CL_L_S 4980W latshaws: Clinical Lab Management II - Writing Intensive   Latshaw Spring 2018 46 Pending
CMP_SC CMP_SC 4970W mckenzieg CMP_SC 4970W mckenzieg: Senior Capstone Design I - Writing Intensive   McKenzie Spring 2018 74 Pending
COMMUN COMMUN 3050W houstonjb COMMUN 3050W houstonjb: Survey of Communication Studies - Writing Intensive BSCI Houston Spring 2018 125 Pending
CV_ENG CV_ENG 3010W aaabq2 CV_ENG 3010W aaabq2: Decision Methods for Civil Engineering Design - Writing Intensive   Abu El Ela Spring 2018 50 Pending
DMU DMU 4085W andersonshar DMU 4085W andersonshar: Problems in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound   Anderson Spring 2018 16 Pending
DST DST 3880W nfpth5 DST 3880W nfpth5: Writing and Theory for Digital Media HUM Potter Spring 2018 20 Pending
ECE ECE 4970W drucer ECE 4970W drucer: Senior Capstone Design - WI   Druce Spring 2018 40 Pending
ECONOM ECONOM 4326W trindadev ECONOM 4326W trindadev: Economics of International Trade   Trindade Spring 2018 30 Pending
ENGLSH ENGLSH 4167W myersanne ENGLSH 4167W myersanne: Major Authors, 1603-1789 - Writing Intensive HUM Myers Spring 2018 20 Pending
FINPLN FINPLN 4380W sharped FINPLN 4380W sharped: Assessing the American Dream - Writing Intensive SSCI Sharpe Spring 2018 50 Pending
FRENCH FRENCH 4130W zephirf FRENCH 4130W zephirf: Stylistics - Writing Intensive   Zephir Spring 2018 18 Pending
GEOG GEOG 4560W palmermh GEOG 4560W palmermh: Resources and Indigenous Peoples HUMSSCI Palmer Spring 2018 15 Pending
GERMAN GERMAN 2320W bismarkv GERMAN 2320W bismarkv: German Civilization: 1850 to Present - Writing Intensive HUM Bismark Spring 2018 30 Pending
GERMAN GERMAN 2320W cookrf GERMAN 2320W cookrf: German Civilization: 1850 to Present - Writing Intensive HUM Cook Spring 2018 100 Pending
GERMAN GERMAN 2320W mswg4 GERMAN 2320W mswg4: German Civilization: 1850 to Present - Writing Intensive HUM Stauss Spring 2018 45 Pending
GERMAN GERMAN 4005W howesw GERMAN 4005W howesw: Topics in German-Humanities - Writing Intensive   Howes Spring 2018 20 Pending
GN_HON GN_HON 2015HW harperrp GN_HON 2015HW harperrp: Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing Seminar - Honors/Writing Intensive HUM Harper Spring 2018 14 approved
GN_HON GN_HON 2230HW folkw GN_HON 2230HW folkw: Honors Social Science Colloquium - Honors/Writing Intensive SSCI Folk Spring 2018 10 approved
GN_HON GN_HON 3242HW larsens GN_HON 3242HW larsens: Interdisciplinary Topics in the Human Sciences: The Nature of Humans - Honors/Writing Intensive BSCISSCI Larsen Spring 2018 20 approved
H_D_FS H_D_FS 2400W lestera H_D_FS 2400W lestera: Principles of Human Development - Writing Intensive BSCI Lester Spring 2018 296 approved
H_D_FS H_D_FS 2400W raverta H_D_FS 2400W raverta: Principles of Human Development - Writing Intensive BSCI Ravert Spring 2018 50 Pending
H_D_FS H_D_FS 2400W wybrants H_D_FS 2400W wybrants: Principles of Human Development - Writing Intensive BSCI Wybrant Spring 2018 50 Pending
H_D_FS H_D_FS 3150W palermof H_D_FS 3150W palermof: Child Development 4-8 (Early Childhood)   Palermo Spring 2018 65 Pending
H_D_FS H_D_FS 3420W mathewsm H_D_FS 3420W mathewsm: Early and Middle Childhood - Writing Intensive   Mathews Spring 2018 30 Pending
H_D_FS H_D_FS 4970W killorens H_D_FS 4970W killorens: Families and Lifespan Development Capstone - Writing Intensive   Killoren Spring 2018 25 Pending
HIST HIST 4910W dierksheidec HIST 4910W dierksheidec: History in the Public: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Public History SSCI Dierksheide Spring 2018 35 Pending
HIST HIST 4971W stevensjef HIST 4971W stevensjef: Undergraduate Seminar in European History - Writing Intensive   Stevens Spring 2018 20 Pending
HLTH_SCI HLTH_SCI 3900W altmanc HLTH_SCI 3900W altmanc: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base - Writing Intensive   Altman Spring 2018 40 Pending
HLTH_SCI HLTH_SCI 3900W guesstr HLTH_SCI 3900W guesstr: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base - Writing Intensive   Guess Spring 2018 40 Pending
HLTH_SCI HLTH_SCI 3900W orbannc HLTH_SCI 3900W orbannc: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base - Writing Intensive   Orbann Spring 2018 40 Pending
HLTH_SCI HLTH_SCI 3900W ruggerid HLTH_SCI 3900W ruggerid: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base - Writing Intensive   Ruggeri Spring 2018 50 Pending
HLTH_SCI HLTH_SCI 3900W sayerss HLTH_SCI 3900W sayerss: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base - Writing Intensive   Sayers Spring 2018 40 Pending
HLTH_SCI HLTH_SCI 3900W wintembergj HLTH_SCI 3900W wintembergj: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base - Writing Intensive   Wintemberg Spring 2018 50 Pending
HSP_MGMT HSP_MGMT 4100W choseo HSP_MGMT 4100W choseo: Hospitality Human Resources Management - Writing Intensive   Cho Spring 2018 65 Pending
IMSE IMSE 4980W noblej IMSE 4980W noblej: Capstone Design II - Writing Intensive   Noble Spring 2018 25 approved
INFOTC INFOTC 4970W wangfan INFOTC 4970W wangfan: Senior Capstone Design - Writing Intensive   Wang Spring 2018 40 Pending
JOURN JOURN 2100HW horvitb JOURN 2100HW horvitb: News - Honors/Writing Intensive   Horvit Spring 2018 32 Pending
JOURN JOURN 2100W horvitb JOURN 2100W horvitb: News   Horvit Spring 2018 200 Pending
JOURN JOURN 4308W reevesr JOURN 4308W reevesr: Broadcast News III - Writing Intensive   Reeves Spring 2018 20 Pending
JOURN JOURN 4379W woelfels JOURN 4379W woelfels: Documentary Senior Capstone   Woelfel Spring 2018 16 Pending
JOURN JOURN 4568W greenwoodb JOURN 4568W greenwoodb: History of Photojournalism - Writing Intensive   Greenwood Spring 2018 60 Pending
JOURN JOURN 4970W stemmlej JOURN 4970W stemmlej: Strategic Campaigns - Writing Intensive   Stemmle Spring 2018 220 Pending
LTC LTC 4150W kubyc LTC 4150W kubyc: Early Childhood Education Literacy Teaching Methods and Assessment II   Kuby Spring 2018 25 Pending
LTC LTC 4390W metzml LTC 4390W metzml: Teaching Middle and Secondary English/Language Arts II - Writing Intensive   Metz Spring 2018 3 Pending
LTC LTC 4480W metzml LTC 4480W metzml: Teaching Middle and Secondary English/Language Arts II - Writing Intensive   Metz Spring 2018 24 Pending
MAE MAE 4800W solbrekkeng MAE 4800W solbrekkeng: Applied Thermal/Fluids Laboratory   Solbrekken Spring 2018 95 Pending
MAE MAE 4980W winholtzr MAE 4980W winholtzr: Senior Capstone Design - Writing Intensive   Winholtz Spring 2018 95 Pending
MANGMT MANGMT 3200HW marieas MANGMT 3200HW marieas: Business and Society - Honors/Writing Intensive   Mariea Spring 2018 20 approved
MANGMT MANGMT 4140W breskes MANGMT 4140W breskes: Business Communication - Writing Intensive   Breske Spring 2018 440 Pending
MUS_EDUC MUS_EDUC 4142W simsw MUS_EDUC 4142W simsw: Teaching Music II - Writing Intensive   Sims Spring 2018 15 Pending
NAVY NAVY 4940W kingkg NAVY 4940W kingkg: Leadership and Ethics - Writing Intensive   King Spring 2018 15 Pending
NEP NEP 1310W robertsti NEP 1310W robertsti: Food and Cultures of the World HUM Roberts Spring 2018 50 Pending
NEP NEP 4951W petersonca NEP 4951W petersonca: Nutrition Research Communication - Writing Intensive   Peterson Spring 2018 22 approved
NURSE NURSE 4930W chasej NURSE 4930W chasej: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice - Writing Intensive   Chase Spring 2018 14 Pending
NURSE NURSE 4970HW fetem NURSE 4970HW fetem: Nursing in Communities - Honors   Fete Spring 2018 10 Pending
NURSE NURSE 4970W fetem NURSE 4970W fetem: Nursing in Communities - Writing Intensive   Fete Spring 2018 110 Pending
P_R_TR P_R_TR 3210W flemingkat P_R_TR 3210W flemingkat: Personnel Management and Leadership in Leisure Services - Writing Intensive   Fleming Spring 2018 30 Pending
PEA_ST PEA_ST 1050W dwcwv5 PEA_ST 1050W dwcwv5: Introduction to Peace Studies - Writing Intensive SSCI Criger Spring 2018 120 Pending
PEA_ST PEA_ST 1051W alwekhianj PEA_ST 1051W alwekhianj: International Conflict Resolution and Group Reconciliation - Writing Intensive SSCI Al Wekhian Spring 2018 30 Pending
PEA_ST PEA_ST 2004W koditschekt PEA_ST 2004W koditschekt: Topics in Peace Studies - Social Sciences SSCI Koditschek Spring 2018 20 Pending
PHIL PHIL 2410W iaw9r6 PHIL 2410W iaw9r6: Philosophies of War and Peace - Writing Intensive HUM Wagner Spring 2018 25 Pending
PHIL PHIL 4950W melnyka PHIL 4950W melnyka: Senior Seminar in Philosophy - Writing Intensive   Melnyk Spring 2018 12 Pending
PHYSCS PHYSCS 3150W bompadres PHYSCS 3150W bompadres: Introduction to Modern Physics - Writing Intensive   Bompadre Summer 2018 20 Pending
PHYSCS PHYSCS 3150W guhas PHYSCS 3150W guhas: Introduction to Modern Physics - Writing Intensive   Guha Spring 2018 30 Pending
POL_SC POL_SC 3000W endersbyj POL_SC 3000W endersbyj: Introduction to Political Research - Writing Intensive SSCI Endersby Spring 2018 90 Pending
PSYCH PSYCH 4010W craggsj PSYCH 4010W craggsj: Topics in Psychology Capstone - Writing Intensive   Craggs Spring 2018 22 Pending
PSYCH PSYCH 4010W schererl PSYCH 4010W schererl: Topics in Psychology Capstone - Writing Intensive   Scherer Spring 2018 30 Pending
PSYCH PSYCH 4971W vanmarlek PSYCH 4971W vanmarlek: Developmental Psychology Capstone - Writing Intensive   VanMarle Spring 2018 20 Pending
PSYCH PSYCH 4974W hackleys PSYCH 4974W hackleys: The Human Senses Capstone - Writing Intensive   Hackley Spring 2018 18 Pending
PSYCH PSYCH 4977HW campionebarrn PSYCH 4977HW campionebarrn: Honors Research Capstone II - Honors/Writing Intensive   Campione-Barr Spring 2018 40 approved
PSYCH PSYCH 4977W campionebarrn PSYCH 4977W campionebarrn: Independent Research Capstone II - Writing Intensive   Campione-Barr Spring 2018 5 approved
PSYCH PSYCH 4980W sheldonm PSYCH 4980W sheldonm: Human Relationships Capstone - Writing Intensive   Sheldon Spring 2018 20 Pending
PTH_AS PTH_AS 4220W stacyc PTH_AS 4220W stacyc: Forensic Pathology and Death Investigation - Writing Intensive   Stacy Spring 2018 35 Pending
RS_THR RS_THR 3420W keelyjl RS_THR 3420W keelyjl: Principles of Mechanical Ventilation - Writing Intensive   Keely Spring 2018 24 Pending
RU_SOC RU_SOC 1150W brockcc RU_SOC 1150W brockcc: The Amish Community - Writing Intensive BSCIHUM Brock Spring 2018 120 Pending
RU_SOC RU_SOC 3325W brockcc RU_SOC 3325W brockcc: Sociology of Food and Nutrition SSCI Brock Spring 2018 33 Pending
RUSS RUSS 2320W monniern RUSS 2320W monniern: The Arts of Survival: Civilization in Soviet Times - Writing Intensive HUM Monnier Spring 2018 140 Pending
SCI_AG_J SCI_AG_J 3210W sowersl SCI_AG_J 3210W sowersl: Fundamentals of Communications - Writing Intensive HUM Sowers Spring 2018 50 Pending
SOC_WK SOC_WK 2220W ramseyerwinterv SOC_WK 2220W ramseyerwinterv: Human Behavior and the Environment - Writing Intensive   Ramseyer Winter Spring 2018 50 Pending
SOCIOL SOCIOL 3310W brente SOCIOL 3310W brente: Social Psychology - Writing Intensive BSCI Brent Spring 2018 40 Pending
SOCIOL SOCIOL 3520W johnsonvi SOCIOL 3520W johnsonvi: Collective Behavior - Writing Intensive BSCI Johnson Spring 2018 60 Pending
SOCIOL SOCIOL 4970W johnsonvi SOCIOL 4970W johnsonvi: Senior Seminar - Writing Intensive   Johnson Spring 2018 30 Pending
SPAN SPAN 3420W soriam SPAN 3420W soriam: Introduction to Hispanic Literature I - Writing Intensive HUM Soria Lopez Spring 2018 30 Pending
SPAN SPAN 3430W badianem SPAN 3430W badianem: Introduction to Hispanic Literature II - Writing Intensive HUM Badiane Spring 2018 30 Pending
SPC_ED SPC_ED 4380W stormontm SPC_ED 4380W stormontm: Methods in Cross-Categorical Special Education - Writing Intensive   Stormont Spring 2018 28 Pending
SRV_LRN SRV_LRN 2021HW foleya SRV_LRN 2021HW foleya: MU Community Engagement Project - Honors/Writing Intensive   Foley Spring 2018 70 approved
SRV_LRN SRV_LRN 2021W foleya SRV_LRN 2021W foleya: MU Community Engagement Project - Writing Intensive   Foley Spring 2018 65 approved
SRV_LRN SRV_LRN 3028HW foleya SRV_LRN 3028HW foleya: Civic Leaders Internship - Honors/Writing Intensive   Foley Spring 2018 100 approved
SRV_LRN SRV_LRN 3028W foleya SRV_LRN 3028W foleya: Civic Leaders Internship - Writing Intensive   Foley Spring 2018 100 approved
T_A_M T_A_M 2520W johnstonnr T_A_M 2520W johnstonnr: History of Western Dress - Writing Intensive HUMSSCI Johnston Spring 2018 75 Pending
T_A_M T_A_M 3520W parsonsjl T_A_M 3520W parsonsjl: 19th and 20th Century Western Dress - Writing Intensive SSCI Parsons Spring 2018 100 Pending
THEATR THEATR 2800W sylerc THEATR 2800W sylerc: Principles of Script Analysis - Writing Intensive HUM Syler Spring 2018 30 Pending
THEATR THEATR 4920W crespyd THEATR 4920W crespyd: Advanced Playwriting: Problems - Writing Intensive   Crespy Spring 2018 15 Pending