Summer 2010 Courses

Anthropology 2340 Hunters and Gatherers Gardner
Anthropology 2030 Cultural Anthropology Robbins
Cardiopulmonary and Diagnostic Sciences 4955.2 Introduction to Research Strickland
Classical Humanities 3005 The Ancient World in Cinema Crozier
German 2320 German Civilization Bismark
Journalism 2100.1 News Horvit
Journalism 2100.2 News Poepsel
Journalism 2100.3 News Freeman
Journalism 4308 Broadcast News 3 Woelfel
Nursing 3080.2 Communication and Computer Skills Bader
Nursing 4970 Nursing in Communities Nickell
Psychological Sciences 3003 Topics in Psychology-Behavioral: Sleep and Dream Kuhnert
Religious Studies 3005 Religion in Science Fiction Kelley
Religious Studies 3100 Topics in Religious Studies: Religion in Science Fiction Kelley
Sociology 3310 Social Psychology Brent
Sociology 3310 Social Psychology Pruit