Summer 2012 Courses

Anthropology 2030 Cultural Anthropology Robbins
Biological Sciences 4994 (online) Senior Seminar: Reading the Scientific Literature Phillips
Chemical Engineering 4980 (online self paced) Process Synthesis and Design Galen
Classical Humanities 3250 Greek and Roman Epic (online) Crozier
English 3300 Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to 1865 Socarides
German 2320 German Civilization II (CDIS) Bismark
History 4996 Honors Thesis in History Zguta
HDFS 2400 Principles of Human Development Galovan
HDFS 3420 Early and Middle Childhood (CDIS) Ispa
HDFS 2400 Principles of Human Development Lester
Learning, Teaching & Curriculum 4587 Missouri Writing Project -Content Area Writing Kremer
Music 3085 Problems in Music History Budds
Nursing 3080 Communication and Computer Skills Bader
Nutritional Sciences 3085 Problems in Nutritional Sciences Kanaley
Religious Studies 3451 (online semester based and online self paced) Religion in Science Fiction Kelley
Sociology 3310 Social Psychology (online) Brent
Women’s and Gender Studies 3670 Themes in Gender and Globalization: Through Literature and Film (online) Dingo