Summer 2016 WI Courses

**Before registering for a WI course check the attributes section of your chosen course in MyZou to ensure that it has been designated as Writing Intensive (WI).  There are instances where there are multiple sections of a course and only select sections are taught as WI. 

+ The General Education category column is listed for your convenience however you must confirm the general education category through or on myZou.

Courses marked "Pending" are currently in the process of being approved. Coordinators work with faculty to ensure approval; thus, "Pending" can be assumed to mean that the course will soon be officially approved.

updated 6/30/16

Anthropology 2030 Cultural Anthropology Robbins Approved
Biological Sciences 3075 The Human Microbiome Golomb Approved
Classical Humanities 3775 The Ancient World on Film Crozier Approved
Classical Humanities 3775 The Ancient World on Film Crozier Online Self-Paced Approved
English 3300 Survey of American Literature, Beginnings to 1865  Socarides Approved
German 2320 German and Civilization II: 1850-Present Fischer Online Self-Paced Approved
German 3520 Folktales in Global Context Fischer Online Self-Paced Approved
Hospitality Management 4253 Human Resources mgmt in Hospitality Cho Approved
Hotel And Restaurant Management 4343 International Hotel Management  Cho Approved
Human Development And Family Studies 3420 Early and Middle Childhood Mathews Online Self-Paced Approved
Journalism 2100 News Subramanian Approved
Journalism 2100 News Brown Approved
Journalism 2100/2100H News Simons Approved
Journalism 2100/2100H News Cortes-Martinez Approved
Journalism 2100/2100H News Britt Approved
Journalism 4050-85 Will Write for Food --Italian Edition Furstenau Approved
Journalism 4308 Broadcast News III Reeves Pending
Journalism 4410 Intermediate Writing Williams Approved
Journalism 4804 Convergence Reporting Simons Approved
Journalism J-2100 Journalism 2100-News Kenney Pending
Management 4140 Business Communication Crews Approved
Nursing 3080 Communication and Computer Skills Bowman Approved
Peace Studies 1050 Introduction to Peace Studies Van Gerven Approved
Peace Studies 1051 International Conflict Resolution and Group Reconciliation  Al Wekhian Approved
Peace Studies 1052 Global Warming, Climate Change, Catastrophic Climate Destabi Bruhn Approved
Peace Studies 2200 Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social Effects Starr Approved
Peace Studies 2280 Race, Democracy and Violence in Cuba and Haiti Olsberg Approved
Peace Studies 2600  CAFO: Concentr/Deep Ecology Kerridge Approved
Physics 3150 Introduction to Modern Physics Bompadre Approved
Political Science 4120 Politics and the Media Horner Approved
Religious Studies 3451 Religion in Science Fiction Kelley Online Self-Paced Approved
Russian 2865 Soviet and East European Cinema Barabtarlo Approved
Sociology 2281 Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health, and Social Effects Starr Approved
Sociology 3310 Social Psychology Brent Approved
Sociology 3310 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Brent Online Self-Paced Approved
Textile And Apparel Management 2520 History of Western Dress Johnston Approved