Winter 2006 Courses

Agricultural Economics 2070 Environmental Economics & Policies McCann
Agricultural Economics 3271 International Agricultural Development McCann
Agricultural Economics 2183 Agricultural Marketing Systems Parcell
Agricultural Economics 3224 New Products Marketing Boessen
Agricultural Journalism 3210 Fundamentals of Communication Allen
Animal Science 2111 Sophomore Seminar Spain
Animal Science 4975 Beef Production and Management Keisler
Animal Science 4979 Poultry Egg Production Firman
Anthropology 2040 Anthropological Linguistics Pine
Anthropology 4990 Capstone Seminar in Anthropology Sattenspiel
Architectural Studies 1600 (see Environmental Design 161) Fundamentals of Environmental Design Schwarz
Art 1020 Appreciation of Art Kreps
Art 4975 Senior Seminar Brueggenjohan
Art History 2850 Intro to American Visual Culture Schwain
Art History 3410 Roman Art and Archaeology Slane
Atmospheric Sciences 4990 Daily Analysis Forecast & Interpretation Fox, Market
Biochemistry 4974 Biochemistry Laboratory Peterson, Peculis
Biochemistry 4374 cross-listed with Biology Biochemistry Laboratory Freyermuth
Biological Sciences 3050 Genetics and Society Golomb
Biological Science 3750 Basic Microbiology Chapman
Biological Science 4974 cross-listed with Biochemistry Biochemistry Laboratory Freyermuth
Cardiopulmonary and Diagnositic Sciences 3942 Clinical Practice II Weber-Hardy
Cardiopulmonary and Diagnositic Sciences 4955 Introduction to Research Heggie
Chemical Engineering 4314 Biochemical Engineering Bajpai
Chemical Engineering 4980 Process Synthesis and Design Suppes
Chemistry 3700 Undergraduate Seminar in Chemistry Deakyne
Civil & Environ Engrg 3010 Civil Engineering Design II Bowders
Civil & Environ Engrg 4980 Civil Engineering System Design Purvis
Classical Humanities 1060 Classical Mythology McGlew
Communication 3100 Controversies in Communication McKinney
Communication Science & Disorders 3020 (cross-listed with psychology) Normal Language Development Goodman
Communication and Science Disorders 4420 Reading and Learning Disabilities in School Aged Children Dale
Computer Engineering & Computer Science 3310 Systems Analysis and Design Price
Computer Engineering & Computer Science 4970 Senior Design Capstone I Palaniappan
Consumer & Family Economics 4380 Family Ecology Sharpe
Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound 4234 Clinical Pathophysiology Hdeib
Economics 4311 Labor Economics Ryan
Economics 4345 Economics of Education Podgursky
Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology 4087 Seminar: Psychology of Race & Racism Cokley
Electrical Engineering 4970 Senior Capstone Design I Devaney
English 2009 Seventies Film and Fiction Hoberek
English 2180, Section 2 only (cross-listed with WGST) Introduction to Women’s Literature Strickland
English 3400 African American Literature Beginnings – 1900 Langley
English 4970 Senior Capstone Hinkel
English 4970 Senior Capstone Langley
English 4970 Senior Capstone Prahlad
English 4970 Senior Capstone Read
Environmental Design 161 (Architectural Studies 1600) Fundamentals of Environmental Design Schwarz
Fisheries & Wildlife 4200 Urban Wildlife Nilon
French 4130 Stylistics Zephir
Geography 3760 Geography of the World’s Religions (see Rel. Stud.) Brown
Geography 4990 Senior Seminar Ludwig
German 2320 German Civilization II: 1850 – Present Cook, et al.
Health Professions 2960-updated Special Readings: Service Learning Ingram
History 4970 Undergraduate Seminar in Third World: The Silk Road Okamura
History 4971 Undergraduate Seminar in European History: Middle Earth in 20th Century Sperber
History 4971 Undergraduate Seminar in European History: Martin Luther, Early Modern Germany Sperber
History 4971 Undergraduate Seminar in European History: Martin Luther, Early Modern Germany Frymire
History 4972 Undergraduate Seminar in American History: Cajuns and Creoles in Louisiana Bienvenu
History 4972 Undergraduate Seminar in American History: US Foreign Relations Cook
History 4972 Undergraduate Seminar in American History: Missouri in the Civil War Whites
Honors HCCIP 1070H, 2021, 2021H, 2022, 2022H, 2024, 2024H, 2029, 2029H, 3028, 3028H Honors College Community Involvement Project & CLIP Foley
Honors 120gh / 1070 Internship in the Writing Lab Hocks
Hotel and Restaurant Management 3253 Human Restaurant Management Hosmer
Hotel and Restaurant Management 4970 Case Studies & Research in Hotel and Restaurant Management Groves
Human Development & Family Studies 2400 Principles of Human Development Bergin
Human Development & Family Studies 2420 Early and Middle Childhood Ispa
Human Development & Family Studies 4720 Child and Family Advocacy Ravert
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering 4970 Capstone Design I Klein
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering 4980 Capstone Design II Wu
Journalism 2100 (including honors) News Brooks
Journalism 4308 Broadcast News III Woelfel
Journalism 4410 Intermediate Writing Bolch
Journalism 4410 Intermediate Writing Grinfeld
Journalism 4410 Intermediate Writing Moen/Hendrickson
Journalism 4410 Intermediate Writing Scott
Journalism 4410 Intermediate Writing Wallstin
Journalism 4416 Science, Health and Environmental Writing Grinfeld
Journalism 4556 Fundamentals of Photojournalism Rees
Journalism 4970 Strategic Campaigns (capstone) Bartel
Journalism 4970 Strategic Campaigns (capstone) Duffy
Journalism 4970 Strategic Campaigns (capstone) Powell
Journalism 4986 Advanced Writing Hudson/Blakely
Journalism 4986 Advanced Writing Weinberg
Journalism 4988 Advanced Magazine Design Colbert
Journalism 4990 Journalism and Democracy Moen
Journalism 4990 Journalism and Democracy Steffens
Mathematics 4140–check for WI section Matrix Theory Srinivasan
Mathematics 4720–check for WI section Abstract Algebra Qin
Mathematics 4150 History of Mathematics Helfer
Mathematics 4900 Advanced Calculus 2 Iosevich
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 3200 Engineering Materials Khanna / Li/ Winholtz
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 4260 Experimental Stress Analysis Khanna
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 4320 Design of Thermal Systems Solbrekken
Music 4340 Focal Composers: Verdi and Wagner Budds
Natural Resources 4353 Natural Resource Policy & Administration Kurtz
Nuclear Engineering/EE/MAE 4315 Energy Systems and Resources Ghosh
Nuclear Medicine 4268 Clinical Nuclear Medicine II Heggie
Nursing 4200 (Section 2 only) Nursing Ethics and Law Evans
Nursing 4970 Nursing in Communities Miller
Nutritional Science 4951 Research in Dietetics Peterson
Parks, Rec, Tourism 3210 Personnel Management & Leadership Vessell
Peace Studies 1050 Introduction to Peace Studies Campbell
Personal Financial Planning 4380 Family Ecology/ Assessing the American Dream Sharpe
Philosophy 3800 Selected Contemporary Philosophers Melnyk
Philosophy 4300 Epistemology Kvanvig
Physical Therapy 4570 Bridging the Gap: Integration of Research and Clinical Practice Blow
Physics 3150 Introduction to Modern Physics Taub
Physics 4500 Computational Biological Physics Kosztin
Political Science 3000 Introduction to Political Research Endersby
Political Science 4120 Politics and the Media Horner
Psychology 2810 Ref. #80060 Human Sexuality LoPiccolo
Psychology 3010 Ref. #80520 Research Methods Hume
Psychology 3810 Ref. #80660 (cross-listed with CSD) Normal Language Development Goodman
Psychology 4240 Ref. #80710 Cognitive Neuroscience King
Psychology 4550 Ref. #80730 Introduction to Clinical Psychology Presser
Psychology 4830 Ref. #80770 Psychology of Women Martinez
Radiologic Sciences 4980 Imaging Pathology Sebacher
Religious Studies 3760 Geography of the World’s Religions (See Geography) Brown
Romance Languages (See offerings for French, Italian, Spanish)  
Rural Sociology 1120 Population and Ecology Campbell
Rural Sociology 1150 The Amish Community Hartman
Rural Sociology 3235 Global Perspectives & Realities Gilles
Russian 3350 Split Tree of Russian Literature: Contemporary Russian Prose Monnier
Russian 3350 Split Tree of Russian Lit: Contemporary Russian Prose Monnier
Social Work 2220 Human Behavior and the Environment Janku
Social Work 4951 Research Methods for Social Work Practice Hodges
Sociology 3010 Social Problems Lo
Sociology 3520 Collective Behavior Johnson
Sociology 4970 Senior Seminar Johnson
Spanish 3420 Intro. to Hispanic Literature I Cordones-Cook
Special Education 4380 Methods in Cross-Categorical Special Education Stormont
Statistics 4970 Senior Seminar Ries
Teacher Development Program 2020 Sec. 1 #87790
Sec. 2 #87860
Sec. 3 #87930
Inquiry into Learning 1, 2, and 3 Bergin Huntze Scholes
Teacher Development Program 4350 Ref. #88490 Middle School Science 2 Volkman
Teacher Development Program 4390/4480 Middle School Language Arts II Gilles
Teacher Development Program 4550-updated Assessment in Social Studies Almarza
Teacher Development Program 4680 Music 2 Sims
Teacher Development Program 4740/4744 Inquiry into Art Ed Pre-K to Middle School Unrath
Textile & Apparel Management 2510 History of Western Dress Wilson
Textile & Apparel Management 4510 19th and 20th History of Western Dress Wilson
Women & Gender Studies 2180, Sec. 2 (cross-listed with English) Introduction to Women’s Literature Strickland
Women & Gender Studies 4990 Senior Research Seminar Litt