Fall 2018 Faculty Writing Intensive Workshop

Aug. 15, 2018

9:00am - 3:00pm

222 Townsend Hall


The Faculty Writing Intensive workshop is designed to help prospective Writing Intensive Faculty learn to promote critical thinking through writing, design effective writing assignments, and provide feedback that balances content and mechanics.  Please bring a laptop or other device.  Lunch will be provided.

This Workshop is appropriate for faculty who:

  •     Are teaching a Writing Intensive (WI) course this semester and have not yet attended a
  •     WI workshop.
  •     Are considering offering a WI course in the future.
  •     Are unsure about offering a WI course but want to know more.
  •     Don’t necessarily plan to teach a WI course, but who are interested in college teaching.
  •     Are directors of their department’s Undergraduate Studies program.
  •     Any others interested in the ideas and practice of the use of writing to teach course content