Mindful Writing Workshop Series

215 Tate Hall


Mindful Writing Workshop Series

Led by Dr. Donna Strickland, Department of English

Workshop Details:

Dates:  June 5, June 12, June 19, June 26, July 10 and July 17.

Time:  10:00am – Noon

Location:  215 Tate Hall

Fee:  $60 for the series of six workshops (payable via E&E funds or personal check/cash)


Workshop Description:

This series of workshops will provide faculty and graduate teaching assistants with instruction and practice in a reflective, process-based approach to writing in order to enhance their own writing productivity and in turn to improve their ability to offer writing instruction to students. We will closely follow the tested and validated approach laid out in Robert Boice’s book, How Writers Journey to Comfort and Fluency. Boice advocates a relaxed and intentional approach to writing; in a later publication he called his approach a “mindful way of writing” (see Guide). We thus will also engage in the kinds of secular mindfulness practices taught in the empirically-validated Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs as a way to cultivate the calm and focus necessary to writing with “comfort and fluency.”

 Toward these ends, participants in the workshops will be invited to adopt these goals:

  • develop a daily writing habit by committing to 15-60 minutes of writing each weekday and reporting on the process to the group (I will set up a private blog to facilitate communication between group members)
  • learn and practice Boice’s “rules” for comfortable and fluent writing by focusing on one long-term writing project as well as shorter-term projects, as appropriate
  • practice mindfulness meditation and simple yoga in order to calm the mind and focus the attention, which enhances productivity
  • participate consistently and actively in a supportive writing community by faithfully  attending workshops, reporting on daily writing, and sharing additional observations and insight with the group

If you have questions, please contact Jackie Thomas at thomasjm@missouri.edu