Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Funding for WI Courses

Historically, The Campus Writing Program (CWP) has sought to fund all WI courses according to a 1:20 faculty-to-student ratio ($110 for every student past enrollment of 20 and up to 300 students). This funding has exceeded CWP’s allocation each year and thus created a deficit. 

Due to recent budgetary cuts, the Campus Writing Board voted to create a new committee that would determine how best to distribute WI funds across campus and remain within CWP's Other Teaching Staff (OTS) Allocation. Department/Program chairs now respond to a brief survey on all WI courses eligible for funding (each semester has two funding rounds). The WI Funding committee uses those responses and other data to determine funding priorities.

For upcoming semesters: In order to remain within budget and to ensure equitable access to funds for WI courses, the WI Funding Committee determined that CWP should budget for a 1:25-30 faculty-to-student ratio with a $110 per student allocation (i.e., funding begins with courses exceeding 25-30 enrollment, depending on allocation). Doing so would ensure that sufficient funds are available for the full academic year. As funds are available and the committee has more up-to-date data, the committee will identify how, if at all, the faculty-to-student ratio can be improved. 

Funding Subcommittee Status (September 25, 2017)

FALL 2017

CWP is currently calculating enrollment for Fall 2017 courses.  Estimated funding amounts were emailed to departments last semester.  Once final funding is calculated, departmental fiscal officers, chairs and WI instructors will receive an email with the final transfer amount based on Fall 2017 census day enrollment.

Please note:  The Funding Committee determined that it should budget for a 1:25-30 faculty-to-student ratio with a $110 per student allocation. Funding was allocated on the basis of course priority. The committee has communicated its allocations to all chairs who responded to either Round 1 or 2 surveys. Please note that final funding amount will be made on Census Day figures and will not exceed the numbers promised to chairs. This funding ratio is not a change to the recommended 1:20 instructor-to-student teaching ratio.


WI course proposals were due on August 30, 2017.  Funding surveys were sent to department Chairs for each Spring 2018 course that projected enrollment of 20 or more students.  The surveys are due back to CWP on October 6, 2017.  The funding committee will meet at the end of October to allocate funds for these courses.  CWP will notify departments in early November of the status of funding for their Spring 2018 WI courses.

WI Course Proposal Submission Dates

Course proposals are due on the following dates each year to be considered for priority funding and to ensure that the course is listed in MyZou in time for early registration.

Summer Courses - Submit by December 30th
Fall Courses – Submit by January 30th
Spring Courses – Submit by August 30th

To Submit a WI Course Proposal or Update:

If you have questions about funding for WI courses please contact thomasjm@missouri.edu