Teaching Resources

Genre Guidelines

The following guidelines provide details regarding the various genres taught in writing intensive courses. These guidelines are meant to provide context, ideas, additional information about the genres one might teach in a writing intensive course. They are not prescriptive but are meant to serve as a resource.

Revision Guidelines

Revision can be taught in any number of ways. Below are some suggestions for how to incorporate revision into your class and fulfill the WI requirement for revision.


The choice of a writing rubric is highly contextual to the assignment, students, and instructor. The Campus Writing Program encourages faculty to use whatever rubric best faciliates meaningful reponse to student writing. Below are two rubrics we use during our training workshops. 

Sample Syllabi and Assignments

The Campus Writing Program provides sample syllabi and assignments from past WI courses. As a community that learns from one another, we can share our ideas in order to make our current and future WI courses better.

If you would like to contribute to this resource, please send any materials you feel other WI instructors would benefit from having available.

MU Library Resources

  • Subject Librarians (Assigned to departments, subject librarians are responsible for purchasing library materials, providing reference help and consultations, and instructing MU students in the research tools and methods of each discipline)
  • RAP (Research Assistance Program)(One-on-one in-depth help with paper or project)

Guidelines for Non-Sexist Writing