About CWP

About CWP

Recognized by the US News and World Report (2012, 2013) as one of the Top 25 Writing in the Discipline Programs


The mission of the Campus Writing Program is to invest in teaching with writing for learning across the curriculum.


The Campus Writing Program seeks to achieve this mission by

  • Promoting theories and practices of “writing-to-learn” course content
  • Helping faculty support students’ “learning-to-write” in their disciplines
  • Pursuing scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Representing MU’s culture of writing locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Supporting inclusive learning and multilingual initiatives


Writing Intensive courses help prepare future alumni to succeed in their continued studies, future careers, and community roles as they pursue writing tasks with greater confidence and understand the power of language for effective communication.

CWP By the Numbers

  • Over 170 courses from disciplines across the university are offered each semester.
  • MU students take, on average, 2.5 Writing Intensive courses during their undergraduate education.
  • Since 1987, every undergraduate degree granted by MU has been strengthened by the WI requirement.
  • Over 335 instructors teach WI courses each academic year.
  • CWP was recognized by College Composition and Communication’s “Writing Program Certificate of Excellence” at the 4Cs Conference in Fall 2004.

History of the MU Campus Writing Program

Student Success Strategic Plan Goals

2019-2020 Campus Writing Program Goals