Campus Writing Board

The Campus Writing Board, a campus-wide faculty committee formed in 1984, is authorized to set Campus Writing Program policy and approve courses as “Writing Intensive.” Faculty serve three-year terms on the Board, reviewing courses in one of three areas: Education and Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, and Natural and Applied Sciences. The Board’s approval process is designed to ensure that WI courses meet the standards set forth in the Guidelines for Writing Intensive Courses, the foundational document of the Campus Writing Program. The Campus Writing Board has proved to be one of the campus’s most proactive committees. The Board continues to ensure the integrity of the WI roster of courses and implement changes to WI policy over time.

Campus Writing Board Information

2020-2021 Campus Writing Board
First Name Last Name Term Ends Department Email
Campus Writing Board Chair
Valerie Bader 2020-2021 Nursing
Education and Social Sciences Subcommittee
Shannon Breske 2022-2023 Business
Caroline Brock 2022-2023 Sociology
Adam Cletzer 2020-2021 Applied Social Science
*Lois Huneycutt 2020-2021 History
Sarah Killoren 2020-2021 Human Development and Family Science
Rebecca Meisenbach 2021-2022 Communication
Mike Metz 2021-2022 Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
Humanities and Arts Subcommittee
Jeanne Abbott 2020-2021 Journalism
Jim Crozier 2020-2021 Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Gabriel Fried 2022-2023 English
*Seth Howes 2020-2021 German & Russian Studies
Deborah Huelsbergen 2021-2022 Art
Maureen Konkle 2021-2022 English
Natural and Applied Sciences Subcommittee
Valerie Bader 2020-2021 Nursing
Gary Baker 2022-2023 Chemistry
Silvia Bompadre 2020-2021 Physics and Astronomy
*Maria Fidalgo 2020-2021 College of Engineering
Thomas Reilly 2022-2023 Biochemistry
Jenna Wintemberg 2020-2021 Health Sciences
Ex-Officio (Non-Voting)
Joe Askins MU Libraries/Instructional Services
Aaron Harms Learning Center
Becca Hayes English
Darcy Holtgrave Advisors Forum
Kelly Holtkamp Teaching for Learning Center
Roberto Koch Registration/Enrollment Management
Nicole Monnier Arts & Science Dean’s Office
Karen Nazario E-Learning
Jim Spain Provost’s Office
Carla Whitney Registration/Enrollment Management
Campus Writing Program Staff (Non-Voting)
602 Sanford St., Conley House
Amy Lannin Director
Christy Goldsmith Assistant Director
Julie Birt Postdoctoral Fellow
Jackie Thomas Project Coordinator