Writing to Learn, Learning to Write

The mission of the Campus Writing Program is to invest in teaching with writing for learning across the curriculum.


Writing Intensive courses help prepare future alumni to succeed in their continued studies, future careers, and community roles as they pursue writing tasks with greater confidence and understand the power of language for effective communication.

From the Campus Writing Program

Artifacts Journal

Artifacts is a refereed journal of undergraduate work in writing at The University of Missouri. The journal celebrates writing in all its forms by inviting student authors to submit projects composed across different genres and media.

Multilingual Writers

This website was set up as a campus-wide initiative, facilitated by the CWP, to support multilingual writing at the University of Missouri. The information contained here includes campus writing resources, recommended teaching practices to support ESL/Multilingual writing, and writing resources for all students.

Teaching with Writing

Through this blog we seek to further the mission of the MU Campus Writing Program by offering a resource that supports faculty using “writing-to-learn” and “learning-to-write” principles in their classroom teaching.


Writing Intensive Show and Tell: Strategies, Challenges & Questions

News and Profiles

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(Book Review) Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto by Kevin Gannon

In his trademark authentic style, Kevin Gannon’s Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto is half treatise and half pedagogical guide. The early chapters slowly build up to a crescendo in Chapter 8 titled “Pedagogy is Not a Weapon,” and throughout the text,…

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Writing Intensive Certificate

The Campus Writing Program and the Campus Writing Board are pleased to announce that the Writing Intensive Certificate is now available to students beginning Fall 2020 semester.