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Our mission is to support faculty as the primary agents in educating students to reason critically, solve complex problems, and communicate with clear, effective language in discipline-specific ways.

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Lina Trigos-Carrillo

From Colombia to Columbia

Lina Trigos-Carrillo moved from the country of Colombia to the town of Columbia, Missouri, to continue her studies in language, education and writing. Now, seven years later, she prepares to return to Colombia having accomplished more than she could have expected.

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Fall 2018 Faculty Writing Intensive Workshop

222 Townsend Hall

The Faculty Writing Intensive workshop is designed to help prospective Writing Intensive Faculty learn to promote critical thinking through writing, design effective writing assignments, and provide feedback that balances content and mechanics.

Fall 2018 TA Writing Intensive Workshop - Morning Session

222 Townsend Hall

Writing Intensive courses make special demands upon faculty and graduate teaching assistants. This workshop is designed to help TAs prepare to work in the WI classroom.

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