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CWP Writing Intensive Award Winners!

pictured l to r: Dr. Tim Langen, chair of the Campus Writing Board; Dr. Judith Mabary; Ms. Gabrielle Rivera Kroenke; Dr. Amanda Durbak; Dr. Alba Argerich; Dr. Christina Carney; and Dr. Amy Lannin, Director of the Campus Writing Program

What a privilege it was for us to present our 2023-2024 Writing Intensive Excellence awards on Thursday, May 16, 2024.


Click here to learn more about each of our amazing award winners!

CWP's Dr. Julie Birt receives the Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award!



This is a well-deserved honor for Julie

who always provides kind, efficient, and helpful support

to students, faculty, and staff across the University.

AI Writing Resources

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As ChatGPT and other AI writing tools evolve, a focus on the connection between writing and learning becomes even more crucial. Access CWP’s recommendations for AI use in WI courses as well as sample syllabus statements by clicking the button below.

ChatGPT and Your WI Classroom

Our Mission

The mission of the Campus Writing Program is to invest in teaching with writing for learning across the curriculum.

Writing Intensive courses help prepare future alumni to succeed in their continued studies, future careers, and community roles as they pursue writing tasks with greater confidence and understand the power of language for effective communication.

Why take a WI course?

Writing Intensive courses help produce an educated, articulate citizenry capable of reasoning critically, solving complex problems, and communicating with clear and effective language.

Writing Intensive courses maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio (20:1), require at least 6,600 words of writing, and give students ample opportunity to revise their work to improve their performance. Writing assignments are designed to teach course content and to assess students’ learning, giving faculty the chance to focus on content, concepts and quality of argument while students take responsibility for surface features such as grammar and syntax. WI assignments are tied directly and specifically to the goals of the course and are fully integrated into the syllabus.

Through writing and revising, students not only master course concepts, they also learn to think and write in ways particular to their chosen disciplines.

Words of wisdom from a WI student