Award and Publication Opportunities

Campus Writing Program recognizes contributions to the MU community and beyond for excellent and innovative writing intensive teaching and writing intensive projects that further the mission of teaching with writing for learning across the curriculum.  Each year Teaching Excellence awards and WI Project awards are presented to faculty, graduate students and staff.

MU undergraduate students have an opportunity for publication in Artifacts Journal.  Visit the pages below for more information.

Student Writing Awards and Publication Opportunities

Publication and award opportunities for MU undergraduate students.


Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Awards

The Campus Writing Program invites you to nominate a colleague, teaching team, graduate TA, or self nomination for these awards in outstanding Writing Intensive teaching on the MU campus.


Writing Intensive Project Awards 

The mission of the Campus Writing Program is to invest in teaching with writing for learning across the curriculum.  To contribute to this mission, CWP is requesting proposals for funding Writing Intensive (WI) related projects.