Student Resources

If you are an undergraduate student and you have questions about Writing Intensive courses, we hope the links below will help.

Are you curious about why there is a Writing Intensive requirement at Mizzou?  Research has shown that students will comprehend content better through writing, and Instructors will improve the quality of students’ performance by giving feedback and requiring revision.  You will find more information about the requirements for a course to be designated as Writing Intensive at: WI Course Guidelines.

For commonly asked questions about WI Courses visit: FAQs About WI Courses

Are you looking for tutoring at the Learning Center? Contact: WI Tutoring Support 

You can also find some resources for writing papers at: Resources for Research Papers

Information about writing for ESL/Multilingual students can be found at: ESL/Multilingual Writing Resources

Students can earn a Writing Intensive Certificate.  The requirements and information can be found at: Writing Intensive Certificate

Has your advisor recommended that you apply to waive a WI course requirement? You can find out more information at: Waiving a WI Course.  *Please note that your Advisor must approve your waiver application.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Campus Writing Program.