Writing Intensive Course Guidelines

Writing Intensive Course Approval Principles

Writing Intensive Courses follow two important learning principles:

  • Students comprehend content better through writing, and
  • Instructors support students’ writing growth by giving feedback and requiring revision.

Writing Intensive Course Requirements (Guidelines)

The course and instructor must meet each of the requirements below in order for a course to be approved as WI.

  1. WI Course Guiding Questions
  2. WI Course Checklist 
  3. WI Workshop Attendance

**You can access a printable version of the WI Course Requirements HERE.

Supplemental WI Course Guidelines and Policies

The Guidelines and Proposals are adapted from those developed in 1984 by a University of Missouri-Columbia faculty task force under the leadership of Doug Hunt. The following guidelines were updated on April 29, 2019 by the Campus Writing Board.

Examples of Exemplary WI Proposals