Exemplary Proposals

The CWP recognizes that the proposals provided below represent the instructors’ own work and are to be used to inspire and model exemplary course structures and assignments for others when planning their WI proposals. Instructors retain the right to their intellectual property.

Humanities and Arts

Communication 3050W – Survey of Communication Studies taught by Dr. Brian Houston

English 2180W – Introduction to Women’s Literature taught by Dr. Donna Strickland

Textile and Apparel Management 2520W – History of Western Dress taught by Dr. Nicole Johnston

Russian 2310W – Between Heaven and Earth Russian Civilization taught by Dr. Martha Kelly


Educational and Social Sciences

Agricultural Economics 4971W – Agribusiness Management Strategy taught by Dr. Michael Sykuta

History 4971W – Undergraduate Seminar in European History taught by Dr. Lois Huneycutt

Learning, Teaching, Curriculum 4231W – Contexts and Methods for Writing Instruction taught by Dr. Laurie Kingsley


Natural and Applied Sciences:

Health Sciences 3900W – Introduction to the Research Process and Evidence Base taught by Dr. Claire Altman

Soils 3290W – Soils and The Environment taught by Dr. Peter Motavalli

Nursing 4970W – Nursing in Communities taught by Dr. Stefanie Birk