Instructor Resources

Struggling with a rubric? 
Want to reenergize your writing assignments? 
New to WI teaching and want to debrief your teaching experiences? 

The Campus Writing Program offers individual consultations on any topic related to teaching with writing including Writing Intensive course proposals, WI syllabus design, writing assignment design, feedback on student work, writing assessment, TA training, and more! Reach out to to schedule a face-to-face or virtual consultation.

Online teaching resources

As ChatGPT and other AI writing tools evolve, a focus on the connection between 
writing and learning becomes even more crucial.
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To help combat misuse, CWP encourages instructors to highlight the ways that writing is a vehicle for learning content to establish a culture of academic integrity that prioritizes critical thinking. ChatGPT and other AI writing programs produce essay frames, but they do not include the discipline-specific elements of writing–i.e., voice, appropriate evidence and citation, and deep analysis–which make WI courses powerful learning experiences. Read more about ChatGPT and your WI Classroom here.

Additional AI Resources:

Workload statement for Instructors of Writing Intensive Courses