Current Publications

Lannin, A., Goldsmith, C., & Hayes, B. (2019). More Seats at the Table: Inclusion of Faculty Voices on a Campus Writing Board. Council of Writing Program Administrators, Baltimore, MD.

Goldsmith, C., Birt, J., & Lannin, A. (2019). Engaging Complexity in WAC/WID Assignments: Against a Dichotomous Approach to Argumentation in the Disciplines. Council of Writing Program Administrators, Baltimore, MD.

Goldsmith, C. (2019). Making connections between theory and practice: Pre-service educator disciplinary literacy courses as secondary WAC initiation. 2018 International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference Edited Collection. Manuscript in press.

Cisco, J. (2019). Using academic skill set interventions to reduce imposter phenomenon feelings in postgraduate students.  Journal of Further and Higher Education. DOI: 10.1080/0309877X.2018.1564023.

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Lannin, A., Cisco, J., Hodgson-Philbrook, J., & Philbrook, M. (2017). “How do you know that works?”: A mixed methods approach to assessing student writing in Writing Intensive courses. Council of Writing Program Administration Journal. 40.2, 52-76.

Lannin, A. & Townsend, M. (In Press).  Graduate student perspectives: Career development through serving as writing-intensive GTAs. Graduate Writing Across Disciplines: Identifying, Teaching, and Supporting. Edited by M. Brooks-Gillies, E. G. Garcia, S. H. Kim, K. Manthey, and T. G. Smith. Special issue of Across the Disciplines.

Lannin, A. & Selting, B. (2017). Overview of the University of Missouri’s Campus Writing Program. In B. Siegel Finer and J. White-Farnham. Writing Program Architecture: Thirty Cases for Reference and Research. Logan, Utah: Utah State University Press.

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Center for Advanced Social Research, University of Missouri School of Journalism. (2005). Campus Writing Program Evaluation Survey: Columbia, Missouri, 2005 (Report No.
12). Retrieved from https://put the link to the resource from our CWP website here.

Past Publications