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Using Outlines to Teach Critical Thinking

Most of us spend our years of doctoral and post-doctoral training learning how to do research in our fields. Many of us serve as teaching assistants during this time, and some of us have the primary responsibility for a class. Still, when we begin faculty positions, we often feel ill prepared to take on teaching multiple classes a year. And if we are asked to teach a writing-intensive (WI) class, we may feel an added sense of bewilderment.

Student Writing Before—and in Addition to—WI Courses

Many faculty are understandably curious about the writing instruction students will receive as students here. To earn an undergraduate degree at MU, every student is required to take three writing courses: English 1000 followed by two WI courses, one of which must be at the upper division level in the major. ENGL 1000 is overseen by the Composition Program in the Department of English, while the WI curriculum is overseen by Campus Writing Program.

Instruction on Scientific Writing & Authoring, Scientific Peer Review, and Publication Ethics: An Assignment-Based Curriculum

In this post, I describe a writing-intensive and assignment-based curriculum that instructs students on best practices in writing a scientific paper and about the scientific publication process and scientific peer review.