MU Celebration of Student Writing

The Celebration of Writing is a campus-wide showcase of student writing to recognize and make visible the intellectual work of students in Writing Intensive and English Composition courses and to provide those writers with a public audience.

What Can I Submit?

  • Individual papers or excerpts of papers suitable for a 10-15 minute presentation
  • 3-6 papers from a class which students would present in a 45-minute panel
  • Posters, videos, performance pieces and other multi modal composition

Submission Criteria

We’re looking for broad representation across colleges, disciplines, course levels, genres, and types of composition. The only requirement is that your work must have been completed for a 2021-2022 Writing Intensive or English Composition course (English 1000, 2010, 2030).

What to Include

Students and instructors can submit a title and a short abstract or description of the project, paper or panel.  Please include the student and instructor’s contact information and the class information (semester and class/section number).

Deadline and Questions

Send materials to by April 1, 2022.  Questions to the same address.