Best Practices for Interacting with Students via Panopto and Zoom

MU College of Arts & Science recommends the following:

  1. Plan to keep your regular class time and communicate this through your Canvas announcements so students understand.
  2. For large lecture style classes Panopto will allow you to record your lecture ahead of time and make it available on demand.  Set a clear time frame for students to watch. You can optionally setup your regular class time for a Zoom question and answer period, you can use this for your virtual office hours as well.
  3. For interactive classes where discussion is key, Zoom will work well. I would recommend starting with video off for students and have them muted, then show them how to unmute and mute during discussions to keep the conversation flow without background noise.
  4. Make sure to enable Zoom or Panopto in your Navigation bar so that students can see these options.  This is detailed in the attached email.