Campus Writing Board Undergraduate Student Member: Call for Nominations

The Campus Writing Program is adding a non-voting undergraduate student member to the Campus Writing Board to provide their own and their peers’ unique perspectives on Writing Intensive courses at MU to influence WI classes for the future. 

The following terms apply: 


Only undergraduate students who have taken at least one WI course will be eligible to join the CWB. Students who are members of undergraduate student body organizations are encouraged to apply. 


Nominations are accepted in the fall semester (deadline: Sept 15), reviewed by the appropriate sub-committee (Natural and Applied Sciences, Education and Social Sciences, and/or Humanities and Arts;  approved by the Campus Writing Board. The undergraduate student representative’s term will begin in Fall semester.


One academic year


Each academic year, one student will be recruited to the board through nomination by self, WI instructors, or student organization. Nominations will be evaluated based on number of WI courses completed, faculty recommendation, and students’ willingness to participate. 

Undergraduate Student Board Member Responsibilities

  • Attend CWP board meetings
  • Seek advice and feedback from peers on policies around CWP
  • Provide suggestions to board on student-centric initiatives
  • Share their insights and thoughts with the board to create an inclusive environment

TO APPLY: Complete the nomination form (link) prior to September 15th.