Creating a Zoom Meeting

Log into your free Zoom account at


Visit for instructions and tutorials about how to use Zoom.


There are two ways of creating a Zoom meeting for your students: through your university Zoom account or through Canvas.


Through university account:


  1. Log in to your free zoom account at
  2. Follow instructions at
  3. Schedule a meeting (can be repeating or one-off)
  4. Send link to students via email


Through Canvas:


Embed a zoom link into a module or syllabus in your canvas site:


  1. Select the module in which you wish your zoom meeting to appear (i.e. “week 9”)
  2. Click the plus sign to add an item to this module
  3. Under “add item” choose “external tool”
  4. Scroll down to bottom of list and click “zoom”
  5. Return to module and find new item entitled “zoom”—click on it
  6. Choose the highlighted box “schedule a new meeting”
  7. Give the meeting a name and set the date and time
  8. At bottom of page, click “save”
  9. Return to module and make sure you publish the zoom meeting (change right hand bubble from white to green) or else it will not be visible to students.
  10. Notify students of the time and date of the zoom meeting and explain where to find the link.