Fall 2021 WI Courses

The most accurate listing of Writing Intensive courses will be in MyZou. Some courses are in the final stage of approval and may not yet be listed in MyZou.  If you have questions contact us: cwp@missouri.edu

General Education Key:
BSCI = Behavioral Science (BEH)
BIOSCI = Biological Science (BIO)
HUM = Humanities (HFA)
SSCI = Social Science (SOC)

*Mizzou Online Self Paced WI Course

Updated 3/22/202

Course Number Course Name GenEd Instructor Name WI Approval
ABM 2070W Environmental Economics and Policy SOC SCI McCann, Laura X
ABM 4971W Agribusiness Management Strategy Sykuta, Michael X
AG_S_TCH 4970W Agricultural Systems Technology Capstone Brune, David X
AGSC_COM 3210W Fundamentals of Communications HUM Cletzer, David X
AMS 3000W Foreigners and Dangerous Women in Greek and Latin Literature HUM Crozier, Jim X
AMS 3250W* Greek and Roman Epic HUM Crozier, Jim X
AMS 3775W* The Ancient World on Film HUM Crozier, Jim X
AN_SCI 4976W Dairy Production McFadden, Tom X
AN_SCI 4978W Swine Production Safranski, Tim X
ANTHRO 3340HW The Evolution of Human Nature BEHSCI Panchanathan, Karthik X
ARH_VS 2850W/HW Introduction to Visual Culture HUM van Dyke, James X
ARH_VS 4160W Global Encounters in Art History Standton, Anne X
ARTGE_VS 4976W Design – Senior Seminar Huelsbergen, Deborah X
BIO_SC 4972W Developmental Biology Cornelison, Dawn X
BIO_SC 4994W Senior Seminar Summers, Gerald X
BIOCHM 4974W Biochemistry Laboratory Chaudhary, Ritcha X
BIOL_EN 4980W Bioengineering Design I Darr, Charles X
BL_STU 3230W Studies in Black Sexual Politics SOCSCI Carney, Christina X
CDS 4480W Clinical Ethics Keely, Jennifer X
CH_ENG 3243W Chemical Engineering Laboratory I Xing, Yangchuan X
CH_ENG 4980W Process Synthesis and Design Christensen, Scott X
CMP_SC 4970W Senior Capstone Design I McKenzie, Gary X
COMMUN 3575W Business and Professional Communication Kearney, Cassandra X
COMMUN 4420W Communicating Research and Scholarship SOCSCI Lannin, Amy X
CV_ENG 3010W Decision Methods for Civil Engineering Design Fidalgo, Maria X
CV_ENG 4980W Civil Engineering Systems Design Brown, Henry X
DMU 4085W Problems in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Anderson, Sharlette X
DST_VS 3880W Writing and Theory for Digital Media HUM Potter, Nick X
ECE 4960W Senior Capstone Design I Fischer, James X
ECONOM 3367W Law and Economics Hazel, Bob X
ECONOM 4311W Labor Economics Hedlund, Aaron X
ECONOM 4315W Public Economics Aura, Saku X
ECONOM 4353W Intermediate Macroeconomics Hedlund, Aaron X
ENGLSH 2140W Twentieth-Century Literature HUM Harrison, Sheri-Marie X
ENGLSH 2200W Studies in British Literature HUM Myers, Anne X
ENGLSH 3400W Survey of African American Literature, Beginnings to 1900 HUM Langley, April X
ENGLSH 4970W Capstone Experience Cohen, Samuel X
ENGLSH 4970W Capstone Experience Piper, Karen X
ENGLSH 4996W Honors Seminar in English Chang, Elizabeth X
ENV_SC 4400W Environmental Law, Policy, and Justice SOCSCI Rotman, Robin X
F_S 4970W Food Product Development Clarke, Andrew X
FINPLN 4380W Assessing the American Dream SOCSCI Sharpe, Deanna X
FOREST 4380W Forest Resource Management Stelzer, Henry (Hank) X
GEOG 3560W Native American Geographies HUM SOCSCI Palmer, Mark X
GEOL 4650W Plate Tectonics Liu, Mian X
GERMAN 2310W German Civilization I: Barbarians, Valkyries, Knights, Poets HUM Ireton, Sean X
GERMAN 2320W* German Civilization: 1850 to Present HUM Fischer, Monika X
GERMAN 3510HW/W Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies HUM SSCI Fischer, Monika X
GERMAN 3520W* Folk and Fairytales in a Global Context HUM Fischer, Monika X
GN_HON 2015HW Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing Seminar HUM Harms, Aaron X
H_D_FS 2400W Principles of Human Development BEHSCI Lester, Ashlie X
H_D_FS 2400W* Principles of Human Development BEHSCI Wybrant, Stephanie X
H_D_FS 3150W Child Development 4-8 (Early Childhood) Thibodeau, Rachel X
H_D_FS 4970W Families and Lifespan Development Capstone Killoren, Sarah X
HIST 4821W Constitutionalism in the Americas SOCSCI Smale, Robert X
HIST 4996W Honors Thesis in History Smale, Robert X
HLTH_SCI 3900HW Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base altmanc@health.missouri.edu X
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to the Research Process and Evidence Base Allen, Chenoa X
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Altman, Claire X
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Baker, Molly X
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Choi, Hye Jeong X
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Dannecker, Erin X
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Frech, Andrianne X
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Bauerband, Loren X
HLTH_SCI 4480W Clinical Ethics Rollins, Kathryn X
HSP_MGMT 4580W Sport Venue and Facility Management Marshall, Herbert X
IMSE 3810W Ergonomics and Workstation Design Kim, Jung X
IMSE 4970W Capstone Design I Noble, James X
IMSE 4980W Capstone Design II Noble, James X
INFOTC 3650W Project and Team Management Maurer, Brian X
INFOTC 4970W Senior Capstone Design Maurer, Brian X
JOURN 4242W Strategic Campaigns Butcher, Brandon X
JOURN 4244W Creating Cultures Through Effective Strategic Communication and Leadership Farnen, Eleanor X
JOURN 4308W Broadcast News III Frogge, Elizabeth X
JOURN 4410W Intermediate Writing Rowe, Jennifer X
JOURN 4410W Intermediate Writing Stodghill, Ronald X
JOURN 4416W Science Writing for Journalism and Strategic Communication Hiles, Sara X
JOURN 4418W Critical Reviewing Heissa, Andrea X
JOURN 4450W News Reporting Reed, Katherine X
JOURN 4460W Advanced News Reporting Warhover, Tom X
JOURN 4568W History of Photojournalism Greenwood, B X
JOURN 4970W Strategic Campaigns Stemmle, Jonathan X
JOURN 4986W Advanced Writing Stodghill, Ronald X
LTC 4231W Contexts and Methods for Writing Instruction Kingsley, Laurie X
LTC 4340W Middle School Science I Tyson, Marsha X
LTC 4410W Teaching, Engaging and Assessing Middle-Level Students Wightman, Stephanie X
LTC 4550W Assessment in Social Studies Castro, Antonio X
LTC 4631W Teach.Sci.Second.Sch.:Phil.,Hist., Sci.Inq.,Curr., Assm., & Teach I Tyson, Marsha X
MAE 2200W Engineering Materials Winholz, Andrew X
MAE 4980W Senior Capstone Design Poehlman, Mike X
MANGMT 3000W Principles of Management Breske, Shannon X
MANGMT 4140W Business Communication Brengarth, Lauren X
MIL_SC 3250W Leadership and Management Bradley, Tara X
MUS_EDUC 4144W Teaching Music III Silvey, Brian X
MUS_THRY 4223W Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint Lea, Peter X
NEP 1310W Food and Cultures of the World HUM Safaii, SeAnne X
NEP 3850W Physiology of Exercise Kanaley, Jill X
NUCMED 4268W Clinical Nuclear Medicine II Galen, Jeff X
NURSE 3900W Introduction to Research for Evidence Based Nursing Practice Bader, Valerie X
NURSE 4950W* Nursing Theory and Research Powell, kimberly X
NURSE 4980HW/W Nursing in Communities Fete, Mary X
OC_THR 3130W Fundamentals of Activity Analysis Allen, Stefanie X
PEA_ST 2016W Authoritarian Societies, States, and the Prospects for Democracy SOCSCI Lo, Clarence X
PEA_ST 2182W Critical Dialogues: Nonviolence in Peace/Democracy Movements BEHSCI Lo, Clarence X
PHIL 2410W Philosophies of War and Peace HUM Shahi, Sukhvinder X
PHYSCS 3150W Introduction to Modern Physics Wexler, Carlos X
PLNT_SCI 3222W Retail Floral Management Cravens, Lesleighan X
PLNT_SCI 3230W Plant Propagation Gowdy, Mary X
POL_SC 3000W Introduction to Political Research SOCSCI Williams, Laron X
POL_SC 4150W The American Presidency SOCSCI Horner, William X
PRST 3210W Personnel Management and Leadership Whisenhunt, (Chase) X
PRST 3210W Personnel Management and Leadership Fleming, Katheryn X
PSYCH 4010W Topics in Psychology – Capstone Bettencourt, B X
PSYCH 4971W Developmental Psychology Capstone VanMarle, Kristy X
PSYCH 4973W Human Cognition Capstone Naveh-Benjamin, Moshe X
PSYCH 4974W Psychology of Art Capstone Hackley, Steven X
PSYCH 4976HW/W Independent (Honors) Research Capstone I Campione-Barr, Nicole X
PSYCH 4977HW/W Independent (Honors) Research Capstone II Campione-Barr, Nicole X
PSYCH 4980W Human Relationships Capstone Sheldon, Melanie X
RUSS 2340W Icons and Revolutions: Russia from its Beginnings to Today HUM Lagen, Timothy X
RUSS 3390W True Fictions: Russian Prose since 1900 HUM Lagen, Timothy X
SLHS 4020W Language Disorders in Children Wagovich, Stacy X
SOC_WK 2000W Exploration in Social and Economic Justice BEHSCI Peters, Clark X
SOC_WK 4952W Research Methods for Social Work Yoon, Dongpil X
SOCIOL 2150W Amish Communities BEHSCI HUM Brock, Caroline X
SOCIOL 3310W* Social Psychology BEHSCI Brent, Edward X
SOCIOL 3400W* Fake News and Media Politics SOCSCI Johnson, Victoria X
SOCIOL 3420W The Family BEHSCI Hermsen, Joan X
SOCIOL 3460W Technology and Society SOCSCI Brock, Caroline X
SOCIOL 3950W Social Research I Korasick, Candace X
SPAN 3430W Introduction to Hispanic Literature II HUM Perez Anzaldo, Guadelupe X
SRV_LRN 2021HW MU Community Engagement Project Foley, Anne-Marie X
T_A_M 2500W Social Appearance in Time and Space SOCSCI Mestres, Jaime X
T_A_M 2520W History of Western Dress HUM SOCSCI Johnston, Nicole X
THEATR 3920W Intermediate Playwriting HUM Crespy, David X
V_PBIO 3900W Beneficial Microbes Calcutt, Michael X