Tutoring Support for WI Courses

The Writing Center provides tutoring support for all MU students and all writing tasks. However, WI tutors are specifically hired and trained graduate students from a wide range of disciplines to cover the breadth of writing intensive courses offered each semester. Each WI course is assigned a faculty liaison, a WI tutor who most closely relates to the area of study. In this capacity, WI tutors will reach out to you at the beginning of each semester to establish an important relationship between the Writing Center and your course.

This relationship can take several forms to assist you and your students throughout the semester. Past WI tutors have visited the course to present Writing Center information to your students; met with faculty to discuss course goals and objectives; visited classes on writing craft-specific days; attended TA workshops to better prepare for assignments; and of course collected assignments and syllabi for our other tutors.

As you can see, we’ll tailor the relationship to what you and your students need. It doesn’t have to be a one-time email exchange!

While WI tutors are not subject- or content-specific tutors, the Writing Center strives to employ tutors from varied disciplines in order to support the range of writing styles and field-specific needs that arise in your WI course(s). As great general readers, WI tutors are able to help students with the writing demands that are specific to WI courses. Student schedules may not match up with the particular liaison, but all of our tutors will always work with students on any stage of their writing assignment, from brainstorming and outlining to organizing and revising.

As with all Writing Center tutors, WI tutors aren’t there to “fix” student papers, but instead will provide comments or ask questions that allow your students to maintain their own writerly voice as they revise. For this reason, tutors are not line editors; instead they help students to better understand grammatical or citation-specific rules, allowing the students to make the changes to their own papers.

All Writing Center appointments are confidential, and tutors will not discuss how they assisted a student outside of the Writing Center. In order to keep tutoring sessions separate from course work, our tutors will never discuss grades.

You can find the name of your WI faculty liaison here, which is updated every semester. If you are teaching a WI course and have not heard from a WI tutor, please contact the Writing Center.

Anyone with a pawprint and password can schedule an appointment or submit a draft via the Writing Center’s website!

If you have any graduate students interested in becoming a WI tutor, they can find more information here. Applications are accepted in the spring semester for the following academic year.