Rainer E. Glaser

Dr. Rainer Glaser studied chemistry and physics in Tübingen, at Berkeley, and at Yale. He is broadly interested in physical organic chemistry and has collaborated extensively with chemists, biochemists, physicists, mathematicians, astronomers, educators and journalists. He loves research and realized early on that research is inherently connected to writing. Writing instruction has always been an essential part of his teaching and researching at all levels. He began education research in 1995 with the development of the novel curriculum, Chemistry Is in the News (CIITN) to teach chemistry in the context of real-world issues, to build life-long learning skills, and to expose students to all aspects of science communication. CIITN engages students in learning and writing activities that are collaborative, parallel the research process, and are based on authentic news media. From the very beginning, these efforts have been guided by helpful, practical advice from the leadership of the Campus Writing Program and many WI faculty colleagues.