Spring 2022 WI Courses

The most accurate listing of Writing Intensive courses will be in MyZou. Some courses are in the final stage of approval and may not yet be listed in MyZou.  If you have questions contact us: cwp@missouri.edu

General Education Key:
BEHSCI = Behavioral Science
BIOSCI = Biological Science
HUM = Humanities
SOCSCI = Social Science

*Mizzou Online Self Paced WI Course

Course Number Course Name GenEd Instructor Name
ABM 3224W New Products Marketing Palacios, Jamille
ABM 3241W Ethical Issues in Agriculture HUM James, Harvey
ABM 4990W Economic Analysis of Policy and Regulation Sykuta, Michael
AGSC_COM 3210W Fundamentals of Communications HUM Cletzer, David
AMS 1060HW Classical Mythology HUM Schenker, David
AMS 3250W* Greek and Roman Epic HUM Crozier, Jim
AMS 3775W* The Ancient World on Film HUM Crozier, Jim
AN_SCI 2111W Sophomore Seminar: Societal Issues Facing Animal Agriculture BIOSCI Spain, James
AN_SCI 4975W Beef Production and Management Wiegand, Bryon
ANTHRO 4990W Capstone Seminar in Anthropology Panchanathan, Karthik
ARCHST 1600W Fundamentals of Environmental Design HUM Walsh, Robert
ARCHST 3860W Human Factors Programming BEHSCI Cole, Laura
ARH_VS 2850HW/W Introduction to Visual Culture HUM Van Dyke, James
ARTGE_VS 4975W Senior Seminar in Art Armbrust, Caterine
ATM_SC 4720W Synoptic Meteorology II Aldrich, Eric
BIO_SC 2300HW Introduction to Cell Biology Phillips, Thomas
BIO_SC 3060W Science and Society: Past, Present and Future BIOSCI Durbak, Amanda
BIO_SC 3260W Invertebrate Zoology Summers, Gerald
BIO_SC 4972W Developmental Biology Liscum, Emmanual
BIO_SC 4994HW Senior Seminar Phillips, Thomas
BIOCHM 4974W Biochemistry Laboratory Reilly, Thomas
CDS 3460W Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diagnostic Applications I Meadors, Marie
CH_ENG 3243W Chemical Engineering Laboratory I Xing, Yangchuan
CH_ENG 4980W Process Synthesis and Design Christensen, Scott
CHEM 3700W Undergraduate Seminar in Chemistry Brorsen, Kurt
CL_L_S 4980W Clinical Lab Management II Latshaw, Sandra
CMP_SC 4970W Senior Capstone Design I McKenzie, Gary
COMMUN 3575W Business and Professional Communication Kearney, Cassandra
COMMUN 4420W Communicating Research and Scholarship SOC SCI Lannin, Amy
CV_ENG 3010W Decision Methods for Civil Engineering Design Hu, Zhiqiang
CV_ENG 4980W Civil Engineering Systems Design Brown, Henry
DMU 4085W Problems in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Anderson, Sharlette
DST_VS 3880W Writing and Theory for Digital Media Potter, Nick
ECE 4960W Senior Capstone Design I Fischer, James
ECONOM 3367W Law and Economics Hazel, Robert
ECONOM 4315W Public Economics Aura, Saku
ECONOM 4846W Economics of Discrimination Milyo, Jeffrey
ENGLSH 2140W Twentieth-Century Literature HUM Piper, Karen
ENGLSH 2150W Popular Literature HUM Hobereck, Andrew
ENGLSH 3200W Survey of British Literature: Beginnings to 1784 HUM Manion, Lee
ENGLSH 4970W Capstone Experience Evelev, John
ENGLSH 4970W Capstone Experience Kramer, Johanna
ENV_SC 4600W Sustainability Science Problem Solving Hall, Damon
F_S 4315W Food Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory Gruen, Ingolf
FINPLN 4380W Assessing the American Dream SOCSCI Sharpe, Deanna
GEOG 4904W Topics in Geography-Social Science Larsen, Soren
GERMAN 2320W German Civilization: 1850 to Present HUM Howes, Seth
GERMAN 2320W* German Civilization: 1850 to Present HUM Stauss, Melanie
GERMAN 2510HW The Cultural History of Germans in Missouri, or: Oktoberfest in the Midwest! HUM Franzel, Sean
GERMAN 3510HW/W Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies HUM SOCSCI Fischer, Monika
GERMAN 3520W* Folk and Fairytales in a Global Context HUM Fischer, Monika
GERMAN 4840W Totalitarianism and Culture HUM Howes, Seth
GN_HON 2015HW Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing Seminar HUM Harms, AAraon
H_D_FS 2400W Principles of Human Development BEHSCI Bordere, Tashel
H_D_FS 2400W* Principles of Human Development BEHSCI Wybrant, Stephanie
H_D_FS 3150W Child Development 4-8 (Early Childhood) Ravert, Russell
H_D_FS 4970W Families and Lifespan Development Capstone Killoren, Sarah
HIST 4910W History in the Public An Introduction to the Theory & Practice of Public History SOCSCI Holmes, Erin
HIST 4971W Undergraduate Seminar in European History Karthas, Ilyana
HIST 4972W Undergraduate Seminar in American History Morris, Mary
HIST 4996W Honors Thesis in History Reichardt, Alec
HLTH_SCI 2400W Contemporary Health Issues SOCSCI Rollins, Kathryn
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Allen, Chenoa
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Baker, Molly
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Choi, Hye Jeong
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Dannecker, Erin
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Frech, Adrianne
HLTH_SCI 3900W Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Sayers, Stephen
HSP_MGMT 4100W Hospitality Human Resources Management Cho, Seonghee
HSP_MGMT 4580W Sport Venue and Facility Management Marshall, Lincoln
IMSE 4970W Capstone Design I Noble, James
IMSE 4980W Capstone Design II Noble, James
INFOTC 3650W Project and Team Management Maurer, Brian
INFOTC 4970W Senior Capstone Design Maurer, Brian
JOURN 4180W Newsroom Content Creation Lucchesi, Kathryn
JOURN 4242W Strategic Communication Leadership LaGree, Dani
JOURN 4246W Taking People With You: Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation Butcher, Brandon
JOURN 4379W Documentary Senior Capstone Greene, Robert
JOURN 4416W Science Writing for Journalism and Strategic Communication Hiles, Sara
JOURN 4418W Critical Reviewing Heiss, Andrea
JOURN 4450W Reporting and Writing I Kiely, Kathleen
JOURN 4970W Strategic Campaigns Stemmle, Jonathan
LINGST 4420W Historical Linguistics BEHSCI Grollemund, Rebecca
LINGST 4620W Regional and Social Dialects of American English HUM Gordon, Matthew
LTC 4140W Curriculum, Theory and Classroom Management in Early Childhood Education Ray, Lauren
LTC 4390W Teaching Middle and Secondary English/Language Arts II Metz, Michael
LTC 4480W Teaching Middle and Secondary English/Language Arts II Metz, Michael
MAE 2200W Engineering Materials Manring, Noah
MAE 4980W Senior Capstone Design Poehlman, Mike
MANGMT 3000W Principles of Management Breske, Shannon
MANGMT 3000W Principles of Management McCullough, Christie
MANGMT 3000W Principles of Management Pantoja, Marco
MANGMT 4140W Business Communication Brengarth, Lauren
MANGMT 4140W Business Communication Johnson, Richard
MATH 3000W Introduction to Advanced Mathematics MATHSCI Pivovarov, Peter
MATH 4150W History of Mathematics Helfer, Adam
MUS_EDUC 4142W Teaching Music II Sims, Wendy
MUS_H_LI 4315W Historical Studies in Chamber Music Mabary, Judith
NAVY 4940W Leadership and Ethics Dry, David
NEP 1310W Food and Cultures of the World HUM Safaii, SeAnne
NEP 4951W Nutrition Research Communication Vieira Potter, Victoria
NURSE 4980W Nursing in Communities Fete, Mary
PEA_ST 1050W Introduction to Peace Studies SOCSCI Lo, Clarence (Abdusabur Abdusamadov)
PEA_ST 2005W Topics in Peace Studies HUM Abdusamadov, Abdusabur
PEA_ST 2286W Technological Futures, National Security, and Civil Liberties BEHSCI Lo, Clarence
PHIL 2410W Philosophies of War and Peace HUM Shahi, Sukhvinder
PHIL 4100W Philosophy of Language Horisk, Claire
PHIL 4210W Philosophy of Mind HUM Melnyk, Andrew
PHIL 4400W Philosophy of Science HUM Weirich, Paul
PHIL 4500W Theories of Ethics HUM Vallentyne, Peter
PHYSCS 3150W Introduction to Modern Physics Ullrich, Carsten
POL_SC 3000W Introduction to Political Research SOC SCI Williams, Laron
POL_SC 4180W Politics and Hollywood SOCSCI Horner, William
PRST 3210W Personnel Management and Leadership Whisenhunt, Kenneth
PSYCH 3130HW Decisions, Values and Choice – Honors Schachtman, Todd
PSYCH 4971W Developmental Psychology Capstone Vanmarle, Kristy
PSYCH 4973W Human Cognition Capstone Naveh-Benjamin, Moshi
PSYCH 4974W Psychology of Art Capstone Hackley, Stephen
PSYCH 4977HW/W Independent (Honors) Research Capstone II Campione-Barr, Nicole
PSYCH 4980W Human Relationships Capstone Sheldon, Melanie
PSYCH 4984W Promoting Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Capstone Naveh-Benjamin, Esther
PSYCH 4987W Cross-Cultural Psychology Capstone Naveh-Benjamin, Esther
PSYCH 4990W Topics in Psychology Capstone Craggs, Jason
PTH_AS 4220W Forensic Pathology and Death Investigation Stacy, Carl
REL_ST 3610W Angry Theologians HUM Gregory, Rabia
RS_THR 3420W Principles of Mechanical Ventilation Keely, Jennifer
RUSS 2350W Understanding Russia through Film HUM Kelly, Martha
RUSS 4005W Topics in Russian – Humanities HUM Langen, Timothy
SLHS 3020W Normal Language Development BEH SCI Kelley, Elizabeth
SOC_WK 2000W Exploration in Social and Economic Justice BEHSCI Banks, Anthony
SOC_WK 2220W Human Behavior and the Social Environment BEHSCI Ramseyer-Winter, Virginia (Ginny)
SOCIOL 2150W Amish Communities BEHSCI; HUM Brock, Caroline
SOCIOL 3310W* Social Psychology BEHSCI Brent, Edward
SOCIOL 3400W* Fake News and Media Politics SOCSCI Johnson, Victoria
SOCIOL 3950W Social Research I Korasick, Candance
SOCIOL 4425W Sociology of Food SOCSCI Brock, Caroline
SPC_ED 4380W Methods in Cross-Categorical Special Education Stormont, Melissa
SRV_LRN 2021W MU Community Engagement Project Foley, Anne-Marie
STAT 4970W Junior/Senior Seminar Lee, Suhwon
T_A_M 3520W 19th and 20th Century Western Dress SOCSCI Johnston, Nicole
THEATR 2800W Principles of Script Analysis HUM Hedges, Miriam
V_PBIO 3500W Issues in Vector-borne and Emerging Infectious Diseases Beernsten, Brenda
V_PBIO 4600W Host-Associated Microbiomes in Health and Disease BIOSCI Ericsson, Aaron