Summer 2024

The most accurate listing of Writing Intensive courses will be in MyZou. Some courses are in the final stage of approval and may not yet be listed in MyZou.  If you have questions contact us:

General Education Key:
BEHSCI = Behavioral Science
BIOSCI = Biological Science
HUM = Humanities
SOCSCI = Social Science

Course NumberCourse NameGenEdInstructor Name
BIO_SC 3075WThe Human Microbiome – Writing IntensiveGolomb, Miriam
ENGLSH 3400WSurvey of African American Literature, Beginnings to 1900HUMHoberek, Andrew
FINPLN 4380WAssessing the American Dream-WISOCSCIDeanna Sharpe
JOURN 4180WNewsroom Content Creation – Writing IntensiveLucchesi, Kathryn
MANGMT 3000WPrinciples of Management – Writing IntensiveKane, Stacie
MANGMT 4140WBusiness Communication – Writing IntensiveWurtz, Stephanie
PEA_ST 2200WNuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social EffectsBEHSCISteven, Starr
PEA_ST 2288WSports, Protest Movements, and Conflict ResolutionSOCSCILo, Clarence
PHYSCS 3150WIntroduction to Modern PhysicsSilvia, Bompadre
PSYCH 4971WDevelopmental Psychology Capstone – Writing IntensiveVanMarle, Kristy
PSYCH 4972WAnimal Learning Capstone – Writing IntensiveSchachtman, Todd
TAM 2520WHistory of Western DressSOCSCI;
Swazan, Ishtehar Sharif

*Updated 1/11/24 JAB