Reblogging: The Crocodile’s Bite – Russia’s “Meth Problem” And Drug Reform – Explicit

I have to start by saying that this post will contain some graphic images. Please click the links labeled graphic with caution – some of this is really quite sad and hard to see. I felt necessary to include them because I think that the true nature of drug abuse has to be seen by your own eyes in order to believe it. What drives people to inject literal hydrochloric acid into their veins? Only the junkie knows but by getting a glimpse at the state of despair that these people live, for me at least, gives a better sense of how desperate the situation really is. I have to admit that I became interested in this topic as a matter of narco-terrorism. With Russia being next door to the worlds producer of heroin and a border thats as long as the flight from the US to England, it’s no wonder that Russia is also the biggest consumer of heroin. …  [Click here to read more.]