garden 2Congratulations to all students for having your papers published! We are so enthusiastic to read your papers and proud of you for selecting Artifacts Journal to publish your papers. This issue is distinguished as it includes a diversity of papers with different topics, genres, and styles.

Diversity, of course, is a positive concept in all aspects of life. Everyone in a community has a specific role to perform that complements other peoples’ roles in the community. Diversity, as Laszlo says, “is basic to all things in nature and in art: a symphony cannot be made of one tone or ever played by one instrument; a painting must have many shapes and perhaps many colors; a garden is more beautiful if it contains flowers and plants of many different kinds. A multicellular organism cannot survive if it is reduced to one kind of cell” (pp. 135-136).

Diversity helps people perceive reality differently, yet they understand and respect each one’s perception. I hope that readers enjoy reading this diversity of papers and genres.

Reference List

Laszlo, E. (2008). Quantum shift in the global brain: How the new scientific reality can change us and our world. Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions.