Remembering Dr. Michael J. Budds, Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Musicology

The Campus Writing Program is saddened to hear of Dr. Michael Budds’ passing on November 19, 2020. Dr. Budds was a long-time WI instructor and supporter. He served multiple terms on the Campus Writing Board, beginning in 2000, and he was awarded the Writing Intensive Excellence Award in 2017. His colleague and fellow WI instructor, Dr. Judith Mabary, celebrates Dr. Budds’ dedication to WI: “He is, to put it mildly, wildly enthusiastic about his teaching and about his work with students. He loves to see a student ‘see the light’ and to help guide them in the process. And this process ALWAYS involves writing, whether the course is designated as writing intensive or not. He often states his position with a famous quote, ‘I don’t know what I know until I see what I say.’” His students consistently remarked on his enthusiastic teaching, his stellar organization, and his success in teaching them to both “think and write.” We are grateful for the time and effort Dr. Budds spent on teaching with writing for over two decades.


Dr. Budds’ profile at the MU School of Music.