You must wish I was still broken, Cracked...and slipping through your fingers.   You must loathe at the curve of my smile, now that it isn’t dependent on you.   The lies and deeds of this world don’t hold me captive anymore. I said, your lies and your deeds...they don’t hold me captive anymore.  …

Siren: Based On The Painting “Nocturne”

Black. White. You can’t seem to have one without the other. It is their contrast that brings out their beauty.   Clouds on a spring afternoon, the dandelions in the pasture out back, the warm milk Ma brings us before bed. White has always been a sign of comfort and beauty in my eyes.  …

Elijah’s Inferno

Elijah Solidum is a junior student, majoring in International Business Management. His hometown is Nevada, MO, but he has lived in the Philippines, New York, and New Hampshire. He chose to write “Elijah's Inferno” because he had read Dante's Inferno in class that semester, and he wanted to put a personal and more modern spin on Dante's masterpiece.


The drought came like a flood.

A Feminist Critique: The Value of a Body

The poem, "The Bog Queen" by Seamus Heaney is one that, through rhetorical tools of personification, communicates the role of the female body in the later years. While the poem can be seen as a literal illustration of the decay of nature as a reflection of the influences of society’s wasteful actions toward natural resources, it is also a depiction of a society heavily dependent on women as objects of sexual desire.