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Using Trail Cameras to Study White-Tailed Deer Vigilance Behavior Within an Agroforestry Landscape

To understand how deer navigate and behave across agroforestry systems, 14 wildlife camera traps were installed within five natural (edge, open, wooded) or farmed (orchard, pasture) environments

Write up the Road

At the University of Missouri, excellence is among the values that guide students, staff and faculty alike. To help Tigers continue to excel, the Campus Writing Program (CWP) recently hosted a retreat in nearby Rocheport. The two-day, overnight program allowed 19 faculty, staff and graduate students to network and dive into their writing — free from distractions.

James Watson’s The Double Helix: Inaccurate and Insightful

The Double Helix has become notable for its unique focus on the more tawdry, personal details of the lives of scientists as well as for its dramatic exaggeration of certain personalities and events.

Rituals: The Liminality of Death

Rituals creates a space that recalls traditional practices surrounding the death of a loved one.

Leaving Church, Learning Love: Experiences of Queer Women in Purity Culture

Evangelical Christian purity culture is a sexual ethic that emphasizes gender conformity, modest dress for girls and women, and the importance of maintaining “purity” or “virginity” until heterosexual marriage.

Evaluating Rainfall-Runoff Processes in Missouri Watersheds

Watershed simulation models are valuable tools to evaluate the impacts of changing weather patterns and land management on the hydrologic cycle.

Determining the Natural State of Origami folds with Machine Learning

Origami-inspired designs have found applications in several engineering domains, from aerospace to biomedical. These designs excel in applications that require lightweight, compact, and morphing structures such as the retracting wings of insects or the solar sails on satellites.

2022 Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Awards

The Campus Writing Program is proud to recognize the recipients of the Win Horner Award for Innovative Writing Intensive Teaching and the Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Awards.

(Book Review) On Revision: The Only Writing that Counts by William Germano

This book about revision was given to me at the perfect time. It really resonated with me when Germano described “the writing that works best feels as if it contains all the parts that are necessary and none that aren’t” (p15).

Congrats WI Certificate Grads!

The Campus Writing Program celebrates this year’s Writing Intensive Certificate graduates. This certificate acknowledges students who show a dedication to writing in all forms by completing additional Writing Intensive courses beyond those required for graduation. These thirteen students have had the opportunity to reflect on their Writing Intensive experiences and create a portfolio that represents the breadth…