Writing Intensive Guidelines Have Changed

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the Campus Writing Board worked to update the Writing Intensive (WI) course guidelines. As part of their revision process, the Board made two policy changes that have been endorsed by the Committee on Undergraduate Education and the undergraduate deans. These two policy changes are included below.

❏    Assessment: Writing accounts for at least 50% of the total course grade or requirements. In exceptional cases, the Board will accept a course with writing comprising less than 50% (but no less than 30%) of the total course grade with justification from the instructor.

❏    WI workshop attendance: Instructors and teaching assistants are required to attend the Writing Intensive Faculty and/or TA workshops, if not before teaching then within one calendar year of being assigned to teach a WI course. Workshops are offered the week before each fall and spring semester and during Celebration of Teaching in May. If the Faculty Workshop is not feasible, faculty members can seek an alternative path to WI certification through a professional development plan coordinated with the Campus Writing Program staff. This professional development plan may include a combination of any of the following: monthly CWP seminars, individual consultations, small group/departmental workshops, study groups, or other CWP approved opportunities. Every five years, WI instructors are required to attend a refresher workshop, monthly seminar, study group, or CWP approved alternative.

The Campus Writing Program is here to provide support as you work through these changes. Instructors who have already submitted proposals will be contacted by CWP staff so they can make adjustments to their existing proposal to align with the new guidelines.


Contact CWP Staff If You Have Questions.

Amy Lannin, CWP Director, lannina@missouri.edu

Christy Goldsmith, CWP Assistant Director, goldsmithc@missouri.edu

Julie Birt, CWP Coordinator, birtja@missouri.edu

Jackie Thomas, CWP Project Coordinator, thomasjm@missouri.edu