Campus Writing Program Teaching Awards

The Campus Writing Program and Board recognizes outstanding WI teaching. These awards are open to all WI faculty, staff, and teaching assistants. Nominations are accepted from advisors, chairs, colleagues, teaching assistants, Campus Writing Program Board members, and students. Self-nominations are also accepted, except in the case of teaching assistants, who must be nominated by a faculty member. Recipients will be recognized at Celebration of Teaching in May.

The Win Horner Award for Innovative Writing Intensive Teaching ($1500 award)

Dr. Horner was a nationally known and respected pioneer in “writing across the curriculum” and chaired the Composition Task Force that formed MU’s Campus Writing Program. Preference is given to faculty who demonstrate the same pioneering spirit in their teaching of Writing Intensive courses through developing a new and innovative WI course or implementing new approaches within their teaching.

The Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Award ($500 award)

The Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Award recognizes outstanding WI teaching that helps achieve the mission of Writing to Learn and Learning to Write within the disciplines. Up to 5 awards will be given.

To find out more about the criteria for the awards, as well as how to submit nominations, click here.

Past Award Recipients

2022-2023 (News Release)

Caroline Brock, Sociology, Win Horner Award

Sydney Graham, Communication, Graduate Writing Intensive Excellence Award

2021-2022 (News Release)

Karthik Panchanathan, Anthropology, Win Horner Award

Shannon Breske, Trulaske School of Business

Brenda Beerntsen, Veterinary Pathobiology

Maria Fidalgo, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Andrea Heiss, Journalism

Ashlie Lester, Human Development and Family Science

Mannie Liscum, Biological Sciences

2020-2021 (Award Videos)

Peter Lea, School of Music, Win Horner Award

Amnee Elkhalid, Communication, Graduate Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Award

Adrianne Frech, School of Health Professions, Teaching Excellence Award

Elizabeth Kelley, School of Heath Professions, Teaching Excellence Award

Clarence Lo, Sociology, Teaching Excellence Award

Lisa Sattenspiel, Anthropology, Teaching Excellence Award


Laurie Kingsley, College of Education, Win Horner Award

Robin Rotman, School of Natural Resources, Win Horner Award

Cydni Robertson, Textile and Apparel Management, Graduate Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Award


Deanna Sharpe, Personal Financial Planning, Win Horner Award

Hye Jeong Choi, Health Sciences, Teaching Excellence Award

David Criger, Peace Studies, Teaching Excellence Award

Ben Herman, Science Education, Teaching Excellence Award

Jamille Palacios, Applied Social Sciences, Teaching Excellence Award

Betsy Smith and Madison Bird, Applied Social Sciences, TA Teaching Excellence Award


Robert A. Winholtz, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Win Horner Award

Claire Altman, Health Sciences, Teaching Excellence Award

Andrew Clarke, Food Science, Teaching Excellence Award

Adam Cletzer, Agricultural and Education and Leadership, Teaching Excellence Award

Sam Otten, Learning, Teaching and Curriculum, Teaching Excellence Award

For the complete list of past award recipients click HERE.