Resources for Teachers

Teaching ESL/Multilingual Writers

Resources include best practices when teaching and facilitating success of ESL/Multilingual writers.

Teaching Citations and Plagiarism

Multilingual and ESL students often struggle to understand using citations and plagiarism in academic writing. We’ve compiled some resources to provide instructors with language and examples to teach their students about plagiarism as well as better understand their perspectives.

Assessing Multilingual Writing

Assessment can provide a teaching and learning opportunity for Multilingual writers. Considering assessment as a feedback tool is discussed in the resources and research linked here.

Teaching Multilingual Writers in Writing Intensive Courses

Writing Intensive courses offer a more difficult challenge for Multilingual writers due to the volume and variety of writing included. Resources included in this section are provided to help instructors provide a support system for Multilingual writers.

Policy Statements about Linguistic Diversity

National policy statements about a students’ right to their language as well as assessment and writing policies for college teaching from National Councils of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Campus Resources

The University of Missouri has many resources for ESL/Multilingual Writers such as the MU Library, Writing Center and Campus Writing Program to name a few.