Fall 2018 WI Courses

This list is provided as a convenience only, and it may not accurately reflect departmental changes made after a proposal was submitted. Instructors/chairs can always see up-to-date information regarding a particular course by searching for the instructor’s name between asterisks (e.g., *smith*) in our database: https://nextcatalog.missouri.edu/termadmin/.

Pending: Any courses currently in the process of being approved. CWP works with faculty to ensure courses meeting the guidlines.

General Education Key:

BSCI = Behavioral Science (BEH)

BIOSCI = Biological Science (BIO)

HUM = Humanities (HFA)

SSCI = Social Science (SOC)


Updated:  7/26/18

Department Course number Course Title Instructor Last Name Approved as WI General Education
AG_EC 4971W AG_EC 4971W sykutam: Agribusiness Management Strategy – Writing Intensive Sykuta approved
AG_S_M 4970W AG_S_M 4970W bruned: Agricultural Systems Management – Capstone – Writing Intensive Brune approved
AN_SCI 4978W AN_SCI 4978W safranskit: Swine Production – Writing Intensive Safranski approved
ANTHRO 3560W ANTHRO 3560W sattenspiell: Plagues and Peoples – Writing Intensive Sattenspiel approved BSCI
AR_H_A 1110W AR_H_A 1110W stantona: Ancient and Medieval Art – Writing Intensive Stanton approved HUM
AR_H_A 3510W AR_H_A 3510W rautmanm: Byzantine and Islamic Art and Archaeology – Writing Intensive Rautman approved HUM
AR_H_A 3730W AR_H_A 3730W yonanm: Eighteenth Century European Art – Writing Intensive Yonan approved HUM
ARCHST 3600W ARCHST 3600W schwarzb: Environmental Analysis – Writing Intensive Schwarz approved
ART_GNRL 1020W ART_GNRL 1020W schwaink: Appreciation of Art – Writing Intensive Schwain approved HUM
ART_GNRL 4976W ART_GNRL 4976W huelsbergend: Design – Senior Seminar – Writing Intensive Huelsbergen approved
ATHTRN 4970W ATHTRN 4970W belmored: Seminar in Athletic Training – Writing Intensive Belmore approved
BIO_SC 3650W BIO_SC 3650W eggertl: General Ecology – Writing Intensive Eggert approved
BIO_SC 4972W BIO_SC 4972W cornelisond: Developmental Biology Cornelison approved
BIO_SC 4982W BIO_SC 4982W brydae: Human Inherited Diseases – Writing Intensive Bryda approved
BIO_SC 4994W BIO_SC 4994W summersg: Senior Seminar – Writing Intensive Summers approved
BIOCHM 2484HW BIOCHM 2484HW leecb: Macromolecular Techniques Laboratory – Honors/Writing Intensive Lee approved
BIOCHM 4974W BIOCHM 4974W pennellam: Biochemistry Laboratory – Writing Intensive Pennella approved
BIOL_EN 3170W BIOL_EN 3170W grantsa: Biomaterials – Writing Intensive Grant approved
BIOL_EN 4980W BIOL_EN 4980W hunthk: Biological Engineering Design – Writing Intensive Hunt approved
C_S_D 4020W C_S_D 4020W brinkmanb: Language Disorders in Children – Writing Intensive Brinkman approved
CDS 4480W CDS 4480W orschelnjm: Clinical Ethics – Writing Intensive Orscheln approved
CH_ENG 3243W CH_ENG 3243W pinherop: Chemical Engineering Laboratory I – Writing Intensive Pinhero approved
CH_ENG 4980W CH_ENG 4980W pinherop: Process Synthesis and Design – Writing Intensive Pinhero approved
CL_HUM 3400W CL_HUM 3400W wallachb: Murder and Mayhem: Images of Justice in Classical Antiquity – Writing Intensive Wallach approved HUM
CL_HUM 3775W CL_HUM 3775W crozierj: The Ancient World on Film – Writing Intensive Crozier approved HUM
CL_HUM 4600HW CL_HUM 4600HW schenkerd: The Classical Tradition – Honors/Writing Intensive Schenker approved
CMP_SC 4970W CMP_SC 4970W mckenzieg: Senior Capstone Design I – Writing Intensive McKenzie approved
COMMUN 3050W COMMUN 3050W meisenbachr: Survey of Communication Studies – Writing Intensive Meisenbach approved BSCI
CV_ENG 3010W CV_ENG 3010W bowdersj: Decision Methods for Civil Engineering Design – Writing Intensive Bowders approved
CV_ENG 4980W CV_ENG 4980W bowdersj: Civil Engineering Systems Design – Writing Intensive Bowders approved
DMU 4085 DMU 4085W andersonshar: Problems in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Anderson approved
DST 3880 DST 3880W nfpth5: Writing and Theory for Digital Media Potter approved HUM
DST 3885W DST 3885W shahriaris: Audio Storytelling – Writing Intensive Shahriari approved HUM
ECE 4970W ECE 4970W fischerjd: Senior Capstone Design – WI Fischer approved
ECONOM 4326 ECONOM 4326W trindadev: Economics of International Trade Trindade approved
ECONOM 4004W ECONOM 4004W milyoj: Topics in Economics- Social Science – Writing Intensive Milyo approved SSCI
ECONOM 4315W ECONOM 4315W auras: Public Economics – Writing Intensive Aura approved
ECONOM 4320W ECONOM 4320W mandyd: History of Economic Thought Mandy approved
ECONOM 4345W ECONOM 4345W koedelc: Economics of Education – Writing Intensive Koedel approved
ENGLSH 2006 ENGLSH 2006W roncir: Studies in English, Beginning to 1603 Ronci approved HUM
ENGLSH 3110 ENGLSH 3110W kinnisond: Special Themes in Literature Kinnison approved HUM
ENGLSH 2300W ENGLSH 2300W friedg: Studies in American Literature – Writing Intensive Fried approved HUM
ENGLSH 4970W ENGLSH 4970W Capstone Experience – Writing Intensive Kerwin approved
ENGLSH 4996W ENGLSH 4996W cohenss: Honors Seminar in English – Writing Intensive Cohen approved
F_S 4970W F_S 4970W clarkea: Food Product Development – Writing Intensive Clarke approved
F_W 4200W F_W 4200W nilonc: Urban Wildlife Conservation – Writing Intensive Nilon approved
FINPLN 4380W FINPLN 4380W sharped: Assessing the American Dream – Writing Intensive Sharpe approved SSCI
FRENCH 3420W FRENCH 3420W muratorem: Introduction to French Literature I – Writing Intensive Muratore approved HUM
GN_HON 2015HW GN_HON 2015HW harperrp: Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing Seminar – Honors/Writing Intensive Harper approved HUM
GEOG 3560W GEOG 3560W palmermh: Native American Geographies – Writing Intensive Palmer approved HUMSSCI
GEOL 4650W GEOL 4650W lium: Plate Tectonics – Writing Intensive Liu approved
GERMAN 2310W GERMAN 2310W cookrf: German Civilization: Beginning to 1850 – Writing Intensive Cook approved HUM
GERMAN 2320W GERMAN 2320W bismarkv: German Civilization: 1850 to Present – Writing Intensive Bismark approved HUM
GERMAN 2320W GERMAN 2320W mswg4: German Civilization: 1850 to Present – Writing Intensive Stauss approved HUM
GERMAN 3510HW GERMAN 3510HW fischerm: Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies – Honors/Writing Intensive Fischer approved HUMSSCI
GN_HON 3241HW GN_HON 3241HW panchanathank: Evolution of Human Nature – Honors/Writing Intensive Panchanathan approved BSCI
H_D_FS 2400W H_D_FS 2400W lestera: Principles of Human Development – Writing Intensive Lester approved BSCI
H_D_FS 2400W H_D_FS 2400W raverta: Principles of Human Development – Writing Intensive Ravert approved BSCI
H_D_FS 2400W H_D_FS 2400W wybrants: Principles of Human Development – Writing Intensive Wybrant approved BSCI
H_D_FS 3150W H_D_FS 3150W thibodeaur: Child Development 4-8 (Early Childhood) – Writing Intensive Thibodeau approved
H_D_FS 3420W H_D_FS 3420W mathewsm: Early and Middle Childhood – Writing Intensive Mathews approved
H_D_FS 4970W H_D_FS 4970W killorens: Families and Lifespan Development Capstone – Writing Intensive Killoren approved
HIST 4670W HIST 4670W sperberj: From the Holy Roman Empire to the First World War: German History, 1750-1918 – Writing Intensive Sperber approved SSCI
HIST 4971W HIST 4971W reederls: Undergraduate Seminar in European History – Writing Intensive Reeder approved
HIST 4972W HIST 4972W mcfarlandv: Undergraduate Seminar in American History – Writing Intensive McFarland approved
HLTH_SCI 3900 HLTH_SCI 3900W danneckere: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base Dannecker approved
HLTH_SCI 3900W HLTH_SCI 3900W altmanc: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing Intensive Altman approved
HLTH_SCI 3900W HLTH_SCI 3900W bakermd: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing Intensive Baker approved
HLTH_SCI 3900W HLTH_SCI 3900W choihyej: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing Intensive Choi approved
HLTH_SCI 3900W HLTH_SCI 3900W wintembergj: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing Intensive Wintemberg approved
HLTH_SCI 3900W HLTH_SCI 3900W ruggerid: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing Intensive Ruggeri approved
HLTH_SCI 3900W HLTH_SCI 3900W orbannc: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing Intensive Orbann approved
HLTH_SCI 3900W HLTH_SCI 3900W koeglere: Introduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing Intensive Koegler approved
HLTH_SCI 4480W HLTH_SCI 4480W rollinsk: Clinical Ethics – Writing Intensive Rollins approved
HLTH_SCI 4480W HLTH_SCI 4480W gerhartdl: Clinical Ethics – Writing Intensive Gerhart approved
HSP_MGMT 4580 HSP_MGMT 4580W marshallhl: Sport Venue and Facility Management Marshall approved
HSP_MGMT 4100W HSP_MGMT 4100W choseo: Hospitality Human Resources Management – Writing Intensive Cho approved
HSP_MGMT 4380W HSP_MGMT 4380W tsee: Managing Food Service Businesses – Writing Intensive Tse approved
IMSE 3810W IMSE 3810W kijung: Ergonomics and Workstation Design – Writing Intensive Kim approved
IMSE 4970W IMSE 4970W noblej: Capstone Design I – Writing Intensive Noble approved
IMSE 4980W IMSE 4980W kleinc: Capstone Design II – Writing Intensive Klein approved
INFOTC 4970 INFOTC 4970W xudong: Senior Capstone Design Xu approved
JOURN 4242 JOURN 4242W porterjh: Strategic Communication Leadership Porter approved
JOURN 2100HW JOURN 2100HW horvitb: News – Honors/Writing Intensive Horvit approved
JOURN 4410W JOURN 4410W rowej: Intermediate Writing – Writing Intensive Rowe approved
JOURN 4410W JOURN 4410W williamspai: Intermediate Writing – Writing Intensive Williams approved
JOURN 4410W JOURN 4410W stodghillr: Intermediate Writing – Writing Intensive Stodghill approved
JOURN 4418W JOURN 4418W heissa: Critical Reviewing – Writing Intensive Heiss approved
JOURN 4450W JOURN 4450W reedkath: News Reporting – Writing Intensive Reed approved
JOURN 4460W JOURN 4460W warhovert: Advanced News Reporting – Writing Intensive Warhover approved
JOURN 4568W JOURN 4568W greenwoodb: History of Photojournalism – Writing Intensive Greenwood approved
JOURN 4804W JOURN 4804W slivkaj: Convergence Reporting – Writing Intensive Slivka approved
JOURN 4986W JOURN 4986W hudsonb: Advanced Writing – Writing Intensive Hudson approved
LTC 4231 LTC 4231W kingsleyl: Contexts and Methods for Writing Instruction Kingsley approved
LTC 4140W LTC 4140W arendl: Curriculum, Theory and Classroom Management in Early Childhood Education – Writing Intensive Arend approved
LTC 4340W LTC 4340W hermanb: Middle School Science I – Writing Intensive Herman approved
LTC 4370W LTC 4370W dearaujoz: Teaching and Modeling Middle School Mathematics – Writing Intensive De Araujo approved
LTC 4410W LTC 4410W wightmans: Teaching, Engaging and Assessing Middle-Level Students – Writing Intensive Wightman approved
LTC 4550W LTC 4550W castroaj: Assessment in Social Studies – Writing Intensive Castro approved
LTC 4590W LTC 4590W dearaujoz: Teach.Math in Sec.Schools: Focus on Geometry, Probability and Statistics – Writing Intensive De Araujo approved
LTC 4631W LTC 4631W hermanb: Teach.Sci.Second.Sch.:Phil.,Hist., Sci.Inq.,Curr., Assm., Teach I – Writing Intensive Herman approved
MAE 4800 MAE 4800W solbrekkeng: Applied Thermal/Fluids Laboratory Solbrekken approved
MAE 4980W MAE 4980W winholtzr: Senior Capstone Design – Writing Intensive Winholtz approved
MANGMT 3200HW MANGMT 3200HW marieas: Business and Society – Honors/Writing Intensive Mariea approved
MATH 3000W MATH 3000W pivovarovp: Introduction to Advanced Mathematics – Writing Intensive Pivovarov approved MSCI
MATH 4140W MATH 4140W srinivasanh: Matrix Theory – Writing Intensive Srinivasan approved
MIL_SC 3250 MIL_SC 3250W kerrga: Leadership and Management Kerr approved
MUS_EDUC 4144W MUS_EDUC 4144W silveyba: Teaching Music III – Writing Intensive Silvey approved
MUS_EDUC 4144W MUS_EDUC 4144W boydba: Teaching Music III – Writing Intensive Boyd approved
MUS_H_LI 4338 MUS_H_LI 4338W buddsm: Music of the Romantic Era Budds approved
MUS_H_LI 4342 MUS_H_LI 4342W mabaryj: Contemporary Issues in Musicology Mabary approved
MUS_H_LI 4317W MUS_H_LI 4317W buddsm: Historical Studies in Jazz and Popular Music – Writing Intensive Budds approved
NEP 1310 NEP 1310W robertsti: Food and Cultures of the World Roberts approved HUM
NEP 3850W NEP 3850W kanaleyj: Physiology of Exercise – Writing Intensive Kanaley approved
NUCMED 4268W NUCMED 4268W galenja: Clinical Nuclear Medicine II – Writing Intensive Galen approved
NURSE 4200W NURSE 4200W clarkcla: Nursing Ethics and Law – Writing Intensive Clark approved
NURSE 4950W NURSE 4950W baderv: Nursing Theory and Research – Writing Intensive Bader approved
NURSE 4970H NURSE 4970HW fetem: Nursing in Communities – Honors Fete approved
NURSE 4970W NURSE 4970W fetem: Nursing in Communities – Writing Intensive Fete approved
P_R_TR 3210W P_R_TR 3210W upahj: Personnel Management and Leadership in Leisure Services – Writing Intensive Upah approved
PEA_ST 2016 PEA_ST 2016W loc: Authoritarian Societies, States, and the Prospects for Democracy Lo approved SSCI
PEA_ST 1050W PEA_ST 1050W dwcwv5: Introduction to Peace Studies – Writing Intensive Criger approved SSCI
PEA_ST 1051W PEA_ST 1051W alwekhianj: International Conflict Resolution and Group Reconciliation – Writing Intensive Al Wekhian approved SSCI
PEA_ST 2182W PEA_ST 2182W acer34: Critical Dialogues: Nonviolence in Peace/Democracy Movements – Writing Intensive Edwards approved BSCI
PHIL 2410W PHIL 2410W iaw9r6: Philosophies of War and Peace – Writing Intensive Wagner approved HUM
PHYSCS 3150W PHYSCS 3150W bompadres: Introduction to Modern Physics – Writing Intensive Bompadre approved
PLNT_S 3222 PLNT_S 3222W cravensle: Retail Floral Management Cravens approved
PLNT_S 3230W PLNT_S 3230W gowdym: Plant Propagation – Writing Intensive Gowdy approved
POL_SC 3000W POL_SC 3000W selinj: Introduction to Political Research – Writing Intensive Selin approved SSCI
PSYCH 4984 PSYCH 4984W navehbenjamine: Promoting Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Capstone Naveh-Benjamin approved
PSYCH 3370W PSYCH 3370W bettencourta: The Science of Mindfulness – Writing Intensive Bettencourt approved
PSYCH 4010H PSYCH 4010HW navehbenjamine: Topics in Psychology Capstone – Honors Naveh-Benjamin approved
PSYCH 4010W PSYCH 4010W freys: Topics in Psychology Capstone – Writing Intensive Frey approved
PSYCH 4010W PSYCH 4010W schererl: Topics in Psychology Capstone – Writing Intensive Scherer approved
PSYCH 4971W PSYCH 4971W vanmarlek: Developmental Psychology Capstone – Writing Intensive VanMarle approved
PSYCH 4973W PSYCH 4973W bauerlm: Human Cognition Capstone – Writing Intensive Bauer approved
PSYCH 4974W PSYCH 4974W hackleys: The Human Senses Capstone – Writing Intensive Hackley approved
PSYCH 4976HW PSYCH 4976HW campionebarrn: Honors Research Capstone I – Honors/Writing Intensive Campione-Barr approved
PSYCH 4976W PSYCH 4976W campionebarrn: Independent Research Capstone I – Writing Intensive Campione-Barr approved
PSYCH 4980W PSYCH 4980W sheldonm: Human Relationships Capstone – Writing Intensive Sheldon approved
REL_ST 3350 REL_ST 3350W kelleyks: Monsters in Western Religion and Folklore Kelley approved HUM
REL_ST 3451W REL_ST 3451W kelleyks: Religion in Science Fiction – Writing Intensive Kelley approved HUM
REL_ST 4100W REL_ST 4100W hofern: Advanced Theories and Methods – Writing Intensive Hofer approved
RU_SOC 3235W RU_SOC 3235W gillesj: Global Perspectives and Realities – Writing Intensive Gilles approved SSCI
RUSS 2100W RUSS 2100W monniern: Classics and Iconoclasts: An Introduction to Russian Literature – Writing Intensive Monnier approved HUM
RUSS 2310W RUSS 2310W langent: Between Heaven and Earth: Russian Civilization – Writing Intensive Langen approved HUM
SCI_AG_J 3210W SCI_AG_J 3210W sowersl: Fundamentals of Communications – Writing Intensive Sowers approved HUM
SOC_WK 2000 SOC_WK 2000W sanchezni: Exploration in Social and Economic Justice Sanchez approved BSCI
SOC_WK 4952W SOC_WK 4952W yoond: Research Methods for Social Work – Writing Intensive Yoon approved
SOCIOL 3300W SOCIOL 3300W brekhusw: Queer Theories/Identities – Writing Intensive Brekhus approved BSCI
SOCIOL 3310W SOCIOL 3310W brente: Social Psychology – Writing Intensive Brent approved BSCI
SOCIOL 3400W SOCIOL 3400W johnsonvi: Politics of the Media – Writing Intensive Johnson approved SSCI
SOIL 3290W SOIL 3290W motavallip: Soils and the Environment – Writing Intensive Motavalli approved PHSC
SPAN 3420W SPAN 3420W reynai: Introduction to Hispanic Literature I – Writing Intensive Reyna approved HUM
SRV_LRN 2021W SRV_LRN 2021W foleya: MU Community Engagement Project – Writing Intensive Foley approved
T_A_M 2500W T_A_M 2500W mestresj: Social Appearance in Time and Space – Writing Intensive Mestres approved SSCI