Spring 2024 WI Courses

The most accurate listing of Writing Intensive courses will be in MyZou. Some courses are in the final stage of approval and may not yet be listed in MyZou.  If you have questions contact us: cwp@missouri.edu

General Education Key:
BEHSCI = Behavioral Science
BIOSCI = Biological Science
HUM = Humanities
SOCSCI = Social Science

Course NumberCourse NameGenEdInstructor Name
ABM 3241WEthical Issues in AgricultureHUMJames,Harvey
ABM 4990HW/WEconomic Analysis of Policy and Regulation – Honors/Writing IntensiveSykuta, Michael
AERO 4200WNational Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty – Writing IntensiveBenson, Todd
AGSC_COM 3210WFundamentals of Communications – Writing IntensiveHUMJackson, James
AMS 1060HWClassical MythologyHUMCrozier,James
AMS 3550WWar and Democracy in Late 5th c. BCE AthensSchenker,David
AMS 3775WThe Ancient World on Film – Writing IntensiveHUMCrozier,James
AN_SCI 2111WSophomore Seminar: Societal Issues Facing Animal Agriculture – Writing IntensiveBIOSCISpain, Jimmy
AN_SCI 4975WBeef Production and Management – Writing IntensiveBrake, Derek
AN_SCI 4979WPoultry Production Writing IntensiveTwenter, Hannah
ANTHRO 3560HWPlagues and PeoplesBEHSCISattenspiel,Lisa
ANTHRO 4990WCapstone Seminar in Anthropology – Writing IntensivePanchanathan, Karthik
ARCHST 1600WFundamentals of Environmental Design – Writing IntensiveHUMLancaster, Janna
ARCHST 3860WHuman Factors Programming – Writing IntensiveBEHSCIFitzgerald, Constance
ARH_VS 2850WIntroduction to Visual Culture – Writing IntensiveHUMSchwain, Kristin
ARH_VS 4540WGothic Art and ArchitectureHUMStanton, Anne
ART_VS 4975WSenior Seminar in Art – Writing IntensiveSalinas Tolosa, Alejandra
ATM_SC 4720WSynoptic Meteorology IIAldrich,Eric
BIO_SC 3050WGenetics and Society – Writing IntensiveBIOSCIGolomb, Miriam
BIO_SC 3060WScience and Society: Past, Present, and FutureBIOSCIDurbak, Amanda
BIO_SC 3260WInvertebrate Zoology – Writing IntensiveSummers, Gerald
BIO_SC 4642WAnimal CommunicationBush, Sarah
BIO_SC 4972WDevelopmental BiologyLiscum, Emmanual
BIOCHM 4974WBiochemistry Laboratory – Writing IntensiveReilly, Thomas
BL_STU 2005WTopics in Black StudiesHUMObubo, Laura
BL_STU 4640WAfrican Politics – Writing IntensiveSOCSCIOsman, Ola
CDS 3460WCardiovascular and Pulmonary Diagnostic Applications I – Writing IntensiveAllen, Carla
CDS 4955WIntroduction to Research – Writing IntensiveAllen, Carla
CH_ENG 3243WChemical Engineering Laboratory I – Writing IntensiveXing, Yangchuan
CH_ENG 4980WProcess Synthesis and Design – Writing IntensiveChristensen, Scott
CHEM 3700WUndergraduate Seminar in Chemistry – Writing IntensiveKeller, Steven
CHINSE 3320WModern and Contemporary Chinese Fiction (in translation)HUMLiang, Huichun
CL_L_S 4980WClinical Lab Management II – Writing IntensiveImhoff, Marnie
CMP_SC 4970WSenior Capstone Design I – Writing IntensiveMcKenzie, Gary
CNST_DEM 4971WUndergraduate Seminar in Constitutional Democracy – Writing IntensiveSOCSCIIkuta, Jennie
CNST_DEM 4996WThesis in Constitutional DemocracyKane,Thomas
COMMUN 3575WBusiness and Professional Communication – Writing IntensiveLuisi, Timothy
CV_ENG 3010WDecision Methods for Civil Engineering DesignHu,Zhiqiang
CV_ENG 4980WCivil Engineering Systems Design – Writing IntensiveBrown, Henry
DST_VS 3880WWriting and Theory for Digital Media – Writing IntensiveHUMMcCormack, Jared
ECE 4960WSenior Capstone DesignFischer,James
ECONOM 3367WLaw and EconomicsHazel, Bob
ECONOM 4004WTopics in Economics – Social ScienceSOCSCIHazel, Bob
ECONOM 4004WTopics in Economics – Social Science – Writing IntensiveSOCSCIMilyo, Jeffrey
ECONOM 4345WEconomics of Education – Writing IntensivePodgursky, Michael
ED_LPA 4975WEducational Studies Senior CapstoneScheese, Lisa
ENGLSH 2150WPopular LiteratureHUMFried,Gabriel
ENGLSH 2300WStudies in American LiteratureHUMEvelev,John
ENGLSH 2409WIntroduction to African Diaspora Literature, 1890 to PresentHUMAtuhura, Dorothy
ENGLSH 3200WSurvey of British Literature: Beginnings to 1784 – Writing IntensiveHUMKarian, Stephen
ENGLSH 3300WSurvey of American Literature: Beginnings to 1865 – Writing IntensiveHUMBarnstone, Aliki
ENGLSH 3310WSurvey of American Literature: 1865-Present – Writing IntensiveHUMKonkle, Maureen
ENGLSH 4045WRhetorical StudiesHayes,Rebecca
ENGLSH 4188WMajor Women Writers, 1789-1890 – Writing IntensiveHUMBarnstone, Aliki
ENV_SC 4200WStream Ecology and HydrologyBIOSCIArgerich, Alba
ENV_SC 4600WSustainability Science Problem Solving – Writing IntensiveFruend, Jennifer
F_S 4315WFood Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory – Writing IntensiveZhang, Zipei
FINPLN 4380WAssessing the American Dream – Writing IntensiveSOCSCISharpe, Deanna
FPM 4440WFitness ProgrammingCarpenter, Rebekah
GEOG 3580WPlacewritingHUMSOCSCILarsen, Soren
GERMAN 2320WGerman Civilzation: 1850-Present – Writing IntensiveHUMHowes, William
GERMAN 2320WGerman Civilzation: 1850-Present – Writing IntensiveHUMStauss, Melanie
GERMAN 3520WFolk and Fairytales in a Global Context – Writing IntensiveHUMStrathausen, Carsten
GERMAN 4840WTotalitarianism and CultureHUMHowes, William
GN_HON 2015HWTheory and Practice of Tutoring Writing SeminarHUMHarms,Aaron
H_D_FS 2400WPrinciples of Human Development – Writing IntensiveBEHSCIRudy, Duane
H_D_FS 2400WPrinciples of Human Development – Writing IntensiveBEHSCIWybrant, Stephanie
H_D_FS 3150WChild Development: Preschool to Pre-Adolescence – Writing IntensiveRavert, Russell
H_D_FS 4970WHuman Development and Family Science Capstone – Writing IntensiveKilloren, Sarah
HIST 2590WEpidemics and SocietySOCSCIBowers, Kristy
HIST 4910WHistory in the Public An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Public History – Writing IntensiveSOCSCIMcPartland, Kevin
HIST 4971WUndergraduate Seminar in European HistoryKarthas, Ilyana
HIST 4972WUndergraduate Seminar in American HistoryMorris,Mary
HIST 4996WHonors Thesis in History – Writing IntensiveNichols, Bradley
HIST 4996WHonors Thesis in History – Writing IntensiveStevens, Jeffrey
HIST 4996WHonors Thesis in History – Writing IntensiveWigger, John
HLTH_SCI 2400WContemporary Health IssuesSOCSCIRollins, Kathryn
HLTH_SCI 4200WIntroduction to the Health Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing IntensiveAllen, Chenoa
HLTH_SCI 4200WIntroduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing IntensiveBaker, Molly
HLTH_SCI 4200WIntroduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing IntensiveChoi, Hye Jeong
HLTH_SCI 4200WIntroduction to The Research Process and Evidence BaseDannecker,Erin
HLTH_SCI 4200WIntroduction to the Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing IntensiveDare, Nathaniel
HLTH_SCI 4200WIntroduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing IntensiveEdwards, Anika
HLTH_SCI 4200WIntroduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing IntensiveFenton, Rebbecca
HLTH_SCI 4200WIntroduction to the Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing IntensiveOrbann, Carolyn
HLTH_SCI 4200WIntroduction to The Research Process and Evidence Base – Writing IntensiveSayers, Stephen
HSP_MGMT 4100WHospitality Human Resources Management – Writing IntensiveCho, Seonghee
INFOTC 4970WSenior Capstone Design – Writing IntensiveMaurer, Gillian
ISE 4970WCapstone Design I – Writing IntensiveNoble, James
ISE 4980WCapstone Design II – Writing IntensiveNoble, James
JOURN 1300WFundamentals of Written Journalism and Strategic CommunicationHUMJohnston, Laura
JOURN 4180WNewsroom Content Creation – Writing IntensiveLucchesi, Kathryn
JOURN 4242WStrategic Communication Leadership – Writing IntensiveBEHSCIButcher, Brandon
JOURN 4246WTaking People With You: Entrepreneurial Leadership and InnovationButcher, Brandon
JOURN 4418WCritical Reviewing – Writing IntensiveHeiss, Andrea
JOURN 4970WStrategic CampaignsStemmle,Jonathan
LG_LT_CT 3510HWThink Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital TechnologiesSOCSCI; HUMFischer,Monika
LINGST 4870WField Methods in Linguistics – Writing IntensiveMarlo, Michael
LTC 4140WCurriculum, Theory and Classroom Management in Early Childhood Education – Writing IntensiveSchumacher, Brandi
LTC 4370WTeaching and Modeling Middle School Mathematics – Writing IntensiveMunter, Charles
LTC 4480W / 4390WTeaching Middle and Secondary English/Language Arts II – Writing IntensiveHaskey-Valerius, Brandon
LTC 4560WReading and Writing in the Content AreasGoldsmith, Christy
MAE 2200WEngineering Materials – Writing IntensiveWinholtz, Robert
MAE 4980WSenior Capstone Design – Writing IntensivePoehlman, Michael
MANGMT 3000HWPrinciples of ManagementMcCullough,Christie
MANGMT 3000WPrinciples of ManagementBreske, Shannon
MANGMT 3000WPrinciples of Management – Writing IntensiveKim, Dongchul
MANGMT 3000WPrinciples of Management – Writing IntensiveMcCollough, Christie
MANGMT 3000WPrinciples of Management – Writing IntensiveNull, Gary
MANGMT 4140WBusiness Communication – Writing IntensiveWurtz, Stephanie
MATH 3000WIntroduction to Advanced Mathematics – Writing IntensiveMATHSCIPivovarov, Peter
MATH 4150WHistory of Mathematics – Writing IntensiveHelfer, Adam
MUS_EDUC 4142WTeaching Music II – Writing IntensiveSims, Wendy
MUS_H_LI 4313WHistorical Studies in Opera – Writing IntensiveMabary, Judith
MUSIC_NM 2306HWWriting About Music – HonorsHUMStrini, Thomas
NAVY 4940WLeadership and Ethics – Writing IntensiveUlmer, Thomas
NEP 1310WFood and Cultures of the World – Writing IntensiveHUMSafaii, SeAnne
NEP 4951WNutrition Research Communication – Writing IntensiveVieira Potter, Victoria
NURSE 4210WNursing Ethics – Writing IntensiveMcCormick, Casey
NURSE 4980HWNursing in Communities – Honors/Writing IntensiveShahan, Morgan
PEA_ST 1050WIntroduction to Peace Studies – Writing IntensiveSOCSCIOsman, Ola
PEA_ST 1051WInternational Conflict Resolution and Group ReconciliationSOCSCIAbousalem, Rasha
PEA_ST 2286WTechnological Futures, National Security, and Civil Liberties – Writing IntensiveBEHSCILo, Clarence
PHYSCS 3150WIntroduction to Modern PhysicsUllrich,Carsten
POL_SC 3000WIntroduction to Political Research – Writing IntensiveSOCSCIWilliams, Laron
POL_SC 4180WPolitics and Hollywood – Writing IntensiveSOCSCIHorner, William
PRST 3215WProgram and Event DevelopmentWentz, Jennifer
PSYCH 4010WTopics in Psychology Capstone – Writing IntensiveBauer, Lisa
PSYCH 4010WTopics in Psychology CapstoneNaveh-Benjamin,Moshe
PSYCH 4971WDevelopmental Psychology Capstone – Writing IntensiveVanMarle, Kristy
PSYCH 4972WAnimal Learning CapstoneSchachtman,Todd
PSYCH 4973WHuman Cognition CapstoneNaveh-Benjamin,Moshe
PSYCH 4977W/HWHonors/Independent Research Capstone IICampione-Barr,Nicole
PSYCH 4978WClinical Psychology CapstoneWaller, Erika
PSYCH 4987WCross-Cultural Psychology Capstone – Writing IntensiveFlores, Lisa
PSYCH 4991WThe Science of Mindfulness Capstone – Writing IntensiveBettencourt, B
PTH_AS 4220W/HWForensic Pathology and Death InvestigationStacy,Carl
REL_ST 3610WAngry TheologiansHUMGregory, Rabia
RS_THR 3420WPrincipals of Mechanical Ventilation – Writing IntensiveKeely, Jennifer
RUSS 2100WClassics and Iconoclasts: An Introduction to Russian Literature – Writing IntensiveHUMLangen, Timothy
RUSS 2350WUnderstanding Russia Through Film – Writing IntensiveHUMKelly, Martha
SLHS 3020WNormal Language Development – Writing IntensiveBEHSCIKelley, Elizabeth
SOC_WK 2000WExploration in Social and Economic Justice – Writing IntensiveBEHSCIPeters, Clark
SOC_WK 2220WHuman Behavior in the Social Environment – Writing IntensiveBEHSCIGivens, Ashley
SOCIOL 2150WAmish Communities – Writing IntensiveBEHSCI; HUMBrock, Caroline
SOCIOL 4425WSociology of FoodSOCSCIBrock, Caroline
SPAN 3420WIntroduction to Hispanic Literature I – Writing IntensiveHUMBadiane, Mamadou
SPAN 3430WIntroduction to Hispanic Literature II – Writing IntensiveHUMAviles Quinones, Alicia
SPC_ED 4380WMethods in Cross-Categorical Special Education – Writing IntensiveGoran, Lisa
STAT 4970WJunior/Senior SeminarLee,Suhwon
T_A_M 2600WMoral and Ethical Issues in the Global Fashion Supply ChainSOCSCIMestres,Jaime
T_A_M 3520W19th and 20th Century Western Dress – Writing IntensiveSOCSCIJohnston, Nicole
THEATR 2800WPrinciples of Script Analysis – Writing IntensiveHUMBrown, Kevin
V_PBIO 3500W/HWIssues in Vector-borne and Emerging Infectious DiseasesBeerntsen,Brenda
V_PBIO 4600WHost-Associated Microbiomes in Health and DiseaseBIOSCIEricsson, Aaron

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