Summer 2019 WI Courses

This list is provided as a convenience only, and it may not accurately reflect departmental changes made after a proposal was submitted. Instructors/chairs can always see up-to-date information regarding a particular course by searching for the instructor’s name between asterisks (e.g., *smith*) in our database:

The most accurate listing of WI courses will be in MyZou.

Pending: Any courses currently in the process of being approved. CWP works with faculty to ensure courses meeting the guidlines.

General Education Key:

BSCI = Behavioral Science (BEH)

BIOSCI = Biological Science (BIO)

HUM = Humanities (HFA)

SSCI = Social Science (SOC)


Updated 3/7/2019


Department Course Number Course Title Instructor Last Name General Education Approved as WI
AMS 3775W AMS 3775W crozierj Crozier HUM Approved
ANTHRO 2030W ANTHRO 2030W robbinsm Robbins BSCI Approved
BIO_SC 3075W BIO_SC 3075W golombm Golomb Approved
DST 3880 DST 3880W nfpth5 Potter HUM Approved
ENGLSH 3300W ENGLSH 3300W socaridesa Socarides HUM Approved
ENGLSH 3400W ENGLSH 3400W langleya Langley HUM Approved
INFOTC 4610 INFOTC 4610W maurerb Maurer Approved
JOURN 4450W JOURN 4450W brixeye Brixey Approved
JOURN 4460W JOURN 4460W abbottjm Abbott Approved
MANGMT 4140W MANGMT 4140W breskes Breske Approved
NURSE 4970 NURSE 4970W birks Birk Approved
PEA_ST 1050W PEA_ST 1050W vangervenj VanGerven SSCI Approved
PEA_ST 2200W PEA_ST 2200W starrst Starr BSCI Approved
PEA_ST 2288W PEA_ST 2288W iwsfk6 Smith SSCI Approved
PEA_ST 2600W PEA_ST 2600W kerridgeb Kerridge HUM Approved
REL_ST 3451W REL_ST 3451W kelleyks Kelley HUM Approved
T_A_M 2520W T_A_M 2520W johnstonnr Johnston HUMSSCI Approved
PEA_ST 2287 PEA_ST 2287W dwcwv5: Conspiracies, Popular Imagination, Evidence Criger BSCI Approved
PEA_ST 2294 PEA_ST 2294W loc: Public Health, Social Justice, Health Activism Lo BSCI Approved