Summer 2020 WI Courses

This list may not accurately reflect departmental changes made after a proposal was submitted. Instructors/chairs can always see up-to-date information regarding a particular course by searching for the instructor’s name between asterisks (e.g., *smith*) in our database:

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Pending = Any courses currently in the process of being approved.

General Education Key:
BSCI = Behavioral Science (BEH)
BIOSCI = Biological Science (BIO)
HUM = Humanities (HFA)
SSCI = Social Science (SOC)

*Mizzou Online Self Paced WI Course

Updated 3/2/2020

Department Course Number Course Name Instructor Name GenEd Approval
Agribusiness Management ABM 3224W New Products Marketing Palacios Rivera, Jamille X
Ancient Mediterranean Studies AMS 3775W* The Ancient World on Film Crozier, Jim HUM X
Anthropology ANTHRO 2030W Cultural Anthropology Robbins, Michael BEHSCI X
Biological Sciences BIO_SC 3075W The Human Microbiome Golomb, Miriam X
Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound DMU 4085W Problems in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Anderson, Sharlette X
Digital Storytelling DST_VS 3880W Writing and Theory for Digital Media Potter, Nick HUM X
English ENGLSH 3300W Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to 1865 Socarides, Alexandar HUM X
English ENGLSH 3400W Survey of African American Literature, Beginnings to 1900 Langley, April HUM X
German GERMAN 2320W* German Civilization: 1850 to Present Stauss, Melanie HUM X
German GERMAN 3520W* Folk and Fairytales in a Global Context Fischer, Monika HUM X
Hospitality Management HSP_MGMT 4100W Hospitality Human Resources Management Cho, Seonghee X
Journalism JOURN 4308W Broadcast News III Morimura, Ryan X
Journalism JOURN 4308W Broadcast News III Reeves, Randy X
Journalism JOURN 4450W News Reporting Brixey, Liz (Elizabeth) X
Journalism JOURN 4450W News Reporting Reed, Katherine X
Journalism JOURN 4460W Advanced News Reporting Abbott, Jeanne X
Management MANGMT 4140W Business Communication Breske, Shannon X
Management MANGMT 4140W Business Communication Crews, Sandra X
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MAE 3200W Engineering Materials Manring, Noah X
Nursing NURSE 4970W Nursing in Communities Birks, Stefanie X
Peace Studies PEA_ST 1050W Introduction to Peace Studies Vangerven, Jesse SSCI X
Peace Studies PEA_ST 1051W* International Conflict Resolution and Group Reconciliation Al Wekhian, Jamil SSCI X
Peace Studies PEA_ST 2200W Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social Effects Starr, Steven BEHSCI X
Peace Studies PEA_ST 2287W Conspiracies, Popular Imagination, Evidence Criger, David BEHSCI X
Peace Studies PEA_ST 2291W Artificial Intelligence Edwards, Allen SSCI X
Peace Studies PEA_ST 2600W CAFO: Concentrated Animals, Deep Ecology Kerridge, Bonnie HUM X
Physics PHYSCS 3150W Introduction to Modern Physics Bompadre, Silvia X
Religious Studie REL_ST 3451W Religion in Science Fiction Kelley, Kate HUM X
Social Work SOC_WK 2220W Human Behavior in the Social Environment Ramseyer Winter, Virginia (Ginny) BEHSCI X
Sociology SOCIOL 3310W* Social Psychology Brent, Edward BEHSCI X
Sociology SOCIOL 3400W* Fake News and Media Politics Johnson, Victoria SSCI Pending
Textile and Apparel Management T_A_M 2520W History of Western Dress Johnston, Nicole HUM SSCI X