Summer 2021 WI Courses

The most accurate listing of Writing Intensive courses will be in MyZou. Some courses are in the final stage of approval and may not yet be listed in MyZou.  If you have questions contact us:

General Education Key:
BSCI = Behavioral Science (BEH)
BIOSCI = Biological Science (BIO)
HUM = Humanities (HFA)
SSCI = Social Science (SOC)

*Mizzou Online Self Paced WI Course

Updated 3/22/2021

Course Number Course Name GenEd Instructor Name Approval
AMS 3250W* Greek and Roman Epic HUM Crozier, Jim X
AMS 3775W* The Ancient World on Film HUM Crozier, Jim X
ANTHRO 2030W Cultural Anthropology BEHSCI Robbins, Michael X
BIO_SC 3075W The Human Microbiome Golomb, Miriam X
DMU 4085W Problems in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Anderson, Sharlette X
DST_VS 3880W Writing and Theory for Digital Media HUM Potter, Nick X
ENGLSH 3300W Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to 1865 HUM Sinclair, Carli X
ENGLSH 3400W Survey of African American Literature, Beginnings to 1900 Langley, April X
ENGLSH 4140W Modern Literature HUM Kerwin, William (Bill) X
FINPLN 4380W Assessing the American Dream SOCSCI Sharpe, Deanna X
GERMAN 2320W* German Civilization: 1850 to Present HUM Butler, Justin X
GERMAN 3520W* Folk and Fairytales in a Global Context HUM Fischer, Monika X
HSP_MGMT 4100W Hospitality Human Resources Management Cho, Seonghee X
JOURN 4180W Newsroom Content Creation Lucchesi, Kathryn X
JOURN 4308W Broadcast News III Morimura, Ryan X
JOURN 4308W Broadcast News III Reeves, Randy X
JOURN 4450W News Reporting Reed, Katherine X
JOURN 4450W News Reporting Brixey, Liz X
JOURN 4460W Advanced News Reporting Abbott, Jeanne X
MAE 2200W Engineering Materials Winholtz, Robert X
MANGMT 4140W Business Communication Breske, Shannon X
NURSE 4970W Nursing in Communities Birks, Stefanie X
PEA_ST 1050W Introduction to Peace Studies SOCSCI Lo, Clarence X
PEA_ST 2200W Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social Effects BEHSCI Starr, Steven X
PEA_ST 2287W Conspiracies, Popular Imagination, Evidence BEHSCI Criger, David X
PEA_ST 2288W Sports, Protest Movements, and Conflict Resolution SOCSCI Grayer, Julien X
PEA_ST 2600W CAFO: Concentrated Animals, Deep Ecology HUM Kerridge, Bonnie (Daria) X
PHYSCS 3150W Introduction to Modern Physics Bompadre, Silvia X
SOC_WK 2220W Human Behavior in the Social Environment BEHSCI Ramseyer-Winter, Ginny X
SOCIOL 3310W* Social Psychology BEHSCI Brent, Edward X
T_A_M 2520W History of Western Dress HUM SOCSCI Johnston, Nicole X