New Members Appointed to Campus Writing Board

The Campus Writing Board has been named for the 2013-14 academic year and includes seven new members. The campus-wide faculty committee is authorized to set Campus Writing Program policy and approve courses as Writing Intensive (WI).

Members of the board ensure the integrity of Mizzou’s Writing Intensive courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

New board members for 2013-14 include Bill Horner (political science), Deanna Sharpe (personal financial planning), Nicole Monnier (German and Russian studies), Judith Mabary (music), Rainer Glaser (chemistry), Louise Miller (nursing) and Bill Lamberson (animal science).

“It is important for students not only to be able to write clearly and concisely, but also to be able to transfer that ability to their chosen fields,” Horner says. “I am happy for the opportunity to help continue Mizzou’s strong tradition of encouraging student excellence in written communication through the innovative Campus Writing Program.”

As means of communication become quicker and more advanced, writing remains an imperative skill for students to finely tune throughout their education and into their future careers. Writing Intensive courses at Mizzou are designed to challenge students of all writing levels and encourage the constant improvement of these skills.

“Writing in the discipline helps students see that good writing goes beyond earning an A grade on an English essay, as important as that is,” Sharpe says. “The act of writing challenges us to make invisible thought visible, to articulate the vague and to create order and sequence from disjointed ideas.”

Headed by chairman Bob Bauer, the Board’s approval process is designed to guarantee WI courses meet the standards of the Guidelines for Writing Intensive Courses, the foundational document of the Campus Writing Program.

“The discipline-specific instruction in writing that students learn from their WI courses is critical to their career success,” says Bauer. “The Board’s ultimate mission is to support student’s chances for this success.”

The appointed faculty board members work to review writing courses in three areas: Education and Social Science, Humanities and Arts, and Natural and Applied Sciences.