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Remembering Dr. Michael J. Budds, Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, Musicology

The Campus Writing Program is saddened to hear of Dr. Michael Budds’ passing on November 19, 2020. Dr. Budds was a long-time WI instructor and supporter. He served multiple terms on the Campus Writing Board, beginning in 2000, and he…

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(Book Review) Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone by Thomas J. Tobin and Kirsten T. Behling

With the recent move to online learning, Tobin and Behling’s Universal Design for Learning (UDL) book is timely advice and evidence-based strategies on how we can all adopt a “plus-one” teaching approach so all students can find success in our courses. To contradict…

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(Book Review) Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto by Kevin Gannon

In his trademark authentic style, Kevin Gannon’s Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto is half treatise and half pedagogical guide. The early chapters slowly build up to a crescendo in Chapter 8 titled “Pedagogy is Not a Weapon,” and throughout the text,…

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Writing Intensive Certificate

The Campus Writing Program and the Campus Writing Board are pleased to announce that the Writing Intensive Certificate is now available to students beginning Fall 2020 semester.

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The Campus Writing Program awarded Cydni Robertson, Graduate Teaching Assistant in Textile and Apparel Management, the Writing Intensive Excellence Award for the 2019-2020 academic year.

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The Campus Writing Program awarded Robin Rotman, Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Resources, the Win Horner Award for Innovative Writing Intensive Teaching for the 2019-2020 academic year.

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The Campus Writing Program awarded Dr. Laurie Kingsley, Teaching Professor in the College of Education, the Win Horner Award for Innovative Writing Intensive Teaching for the 2019-2020 academic year.

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Resources for moving your WI class online

In light of the Chancellor’s message requiring all MU classes to be held online for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, we wanted to reach out to offer you support as you work to move your Writing Intensive classes…

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National Day on Writing 2019

The National Day on Writing (NDOW) was established by the National Council of Teachers of English nine years ago to celebrate writing and literacy. Follow the national conversation on the #WhyIWrite hashtag. Join us for a fun day to celebrate…