Write up the Road

At the University of Missouri, excellence is among the values that guide students, staff and faculty alike. To help Tigers continue to excel, the Campus Writing Program (CWP) recently hosted a retreat in nearby Rocheport. The two-day, overnight program allowed 19 faculty, staff and graduate students to network and dive into their writing — free from distractions.

2022 Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Awards

The Campus Writing Program is proud to recognize the recipients of the Win Horner Award for Innovative Writing Intensive Teaching and the Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Awards.

Congratulations to Dr. Lannin and colleagues on their new grant

Writing across the curriculum is not just important at MU but rather begins in the K12 curriculum.  CWP Director Amy Lannin and colleagues, Dr. Delinda van Garderen in Special Education and Dr. William Folk in CAFNR and the School of Medicine, have received funding for another National Institutes of Health - SEPA grant.  Their new…

White Paper: Addressing Complexity in Writing Intensive Course Assignments

A central tenet of the WI courses at our university is the inclusion of “at least one writing assignment addressing a question for which there is more than one acceptable interpretation, explanation, analysis, or evaluation.” To interrogate how this element emerges in writing assignments, we designed a research study based on data from 300+ WI course proposals.  As we worked through our analysis, we asked the following question: How do WI assignments engage students in the complexity of their disciplines?

(Book Review) On Revision: The Only Writing that Counts by William Germano

This book about revision was given to me at the perfect time. It really resonated with me when Germano described “the writing that works best feels as if it contains all the parts that are necessary and none that aren’t” (p15).

Congrats WI Certificate Grads!

The Campus Writing Program celebrates this year’s Writing Intensive Certificate graduates. This certificate acknowledges students who show a dedication to writing in all forms by completing additional Writing Intensive courses beyond those required for graduation. These thirteen students have had the opportunity to reflect on their Writing Intensive experiences and create a portfolio that represents the breadth…

Spring 2022 Writing Classes

Spring 2022 Writing Classes taught Dr. Christy Goldsmith, Dr. Amy Lannin and Dr. Linda Blockus.

Congratulations Dr. Robin Rotman!

CWP congratulates Professor Robin Rotman and her former Writing Intensive student turned current graduate research assistant, Sam Carter, for winning the top prize in the Justice Rudolph Hargrave Writing Competition!

Join us for the National Day on Writing on October 20!

  Come by Lowry Mall between 10 am and 2 pm to celebrate writing in all its forms. Write a poem, tweet #WhyIWrite, or tell a #MizzouMade story and grab a snack and cup of coffee. Sponsored by the Composition Program, the Writing Center, and the Campus Writing Program. Join us to #WriteSomething!

Farewell to Jackie Thomas, CWP Project Coordinator

Jackie has started a new role at MU.  Instead of working with CWP, she is now a Program Coordinator for grants with MU’s Missouri Writing Project out of the College of Education and Human Development.